Floppy drive for laptop

  Fateful Shadow 13:06 06 Jul 2003

Does anybody know where I can buy a USB floppy drive on the internet? I have looked at the PC World website (can you tell I'm desperate?) and I have found one for about £30. I would like to do a bit of comparison shopping though, and I have no idea where to look!

Any ideas?

  Lú-tzé 13:49 06 Jul 2003

Unfortunately they are not cheap - £30 seems to be the average price.

Maybe if you have a local computer fair you will be able to pick one up there for a reasonable price.

  Lú-tzé 13:52 06 Jul 2003

By the way, have you thought of getting one of the USB disks which will hold data in multiples of 26mb - a 32 mb one will be as cheap as a floppy. With most modern PCs and laptops, there is little call for a floppy drive; there is the further disadvantage that you may not be able to boot with a usb floppy.

I realise that if you have data on floppies and want to access it, the above is pretty irrelevant but I say it nonetheless.

  Fateful Shadow 13:52 06 Jul 2003

Thanks for the info Lú-tzé. I have seen exactly the same drive on the PC World website and Curry's website for £30, excluding p+p.

Does anybody know any good computer retail shops online that I might be able to search around?

By the way, why are some really expensive? What would the improvement be?

  Fateful Shadow 13:57 06 Jul 2003

I know that I don't have to explain why I need one, but this might clear a few things up!

Firstly, I have 2 computers at home...my laptop and my ME desktop PC. I could transfer information between the 2 via a CD-RW, but small files being put on a large capacity disk seems a bit silly and irrelivent.

Secondly, most of my time at school is involved with working at a PC. All the PC's at my school don't have CD-ROM/CD-R drives, only floppy drives. The only way I can reliably transfer data from school to home is via floppy. I don't like to use e-mail much because my mailbox is always being filled up with important info each day, and it has a maximum capacity of 1MB (pitiful, eh?) so more often than not, when I send something to it, it gets returned!

  Lú-tzé 14:00 06 Jul 2003

In the light of what you say you will most likely need a floppy drive - if the computers at school don't have cd-roms, they are likely to lack USB ports too (but it might be worthwhile investigating).

Why not get a free email acc (say, from yahoo.co.uk) and use it to send data from home to school where you can access it.

  Megatyte 14:58 06 Jul 2003

Does your laptop have a floppy drive, but faulty? If so it should be a cheaper option to replace it.


  Smiler 15:02 06 Jul 2003

have a look at the dabs sit. here's a sony usb oem for £24-67 click here
plus postage

  Fateful Shadow 15:35 06 Jul 2003

Thanks for the link smiler, and thanks to everyone else who has posted so far. Megatyte, I don't have an internal floppy drive, in answer to your question.

I have never heard of DABS before. Are they reliable? What type of site is it, e.g. auction, retail?

  Taran 15:40 06 Jul 2003

If you can verify that all the computers you will be accessing have working USB ports, I'd strongly advise you to go for one of the USB memory sticks. You can get them for about the same as an external floppy drive but you can fit far more onto one - they start at 32mb.

If your PC access is on Windows 2000 machines you don't need to install a driver, it will autodetect.

They are physically far smaller than an external floppy and have all that extra capacity available, not to mention far faster read/write times.

  Belatucadrus 15:50 06 Jul 2003

click here for a TEAC from Novatech, click here for a Samsung from Scan.

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