floppy drive doesnt work?

  agent 47 15:44 17 Jan 2006

my floppy drive doesnt work on my pc,
i have installed a new one but still the same!
i have win xp pro, and i need to do a clean install of xp,
is there another way to format my drive or do i have to get my floppy to work?
could it be my motherboard?
and is there a program to check if any of these things are working ok? so i can eliminate the problem.
thanks, agent 47.

  PaulB2005 15:48 17 Jan 2006

The XP CD will format your drive when it needs to -actually it'll delete the original partition if you tell it. click here

Make sure the cable is secure and the right way round. Also that it has power.

  ventanas 15:48 17 Jan 2006

You don't need a floppy drive to format and reinstall XP. The XP CD will do it all for you. Boot with it in the drive. (You will have to ensure that the bios is set to boot from CD before the hard disc) and follow the instructions. Involves a series of steps - deleting the partion, creating a new one in its place, formatting same and reinstalling XP.

This assumes you have a full XP disc. If its a vendors recovery disc it should do it all with very little input from you.

  ventanas 15:50 17 Jan 2006

Very handy link that.

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