Floppy Drive?

  sinbads 09:20 05 May 2007

Running Medion 8820 dual core processer with vista premium.

Recently had to have the motherboard replaced since then i have noticed a floppy drive in my computer section.

As these computers are built without a floppy and cannot see any reference to one in the bios?

anyone any ideas?

  jack 09:44 05 May 2007

Do you need a Floppy drive now?

They can be purchased[about a tenner] and if the MoBo has the slot and the firmware, fine,
Another way is to buy an external USB floppy
But will you use it that often?
If you have a stock of floppies, by far the best way is get a chum to burn them to CD's
Or take then to a processing station get them done there.
Then forget floppies ever existed.

  sinbads 09:44 05 May 2007

Does aoppear in the device manager as working properly?

  sinbads 09:50 05 May 2007

sorry posted b4 reading your post.

thing is my m/c didn't come with a floppy, and non is fitted , yet the system says i have and is working properly? I don't need one just curious as to why this has happened since having the new board fitted.

  Diemmess 09:52 05 May 2007

Many motherboards in current production have a FDD connection.
Most PCs are sold with no Floppy drive fitted, but if the facility is there are one of the cheapest and simplest things to fit by the new owner.

  sinbads 10:09 05 May 2007

thanks for your response i understand what you are saying my query is why does the floppy show as active and working properly, when non is fitted, ptior to having the new motherboard the floppy didn't show . The motherboard was an exact replacement

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 05 May 2007

The FDC (floppy disc controller) will be switched on in BIOS.

To remove the "bogus" floppy switch off FDC in the BIOS.

  sinbads 10:51 05 May 2007

cant find any reference to floppy or FDC in the bios?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:57 05 May 2007

Will probably be under Adavanced Peripherals

floppy drive will lso show if the boot sequence is set to boot from USB FDD.

  sinbads 11:11 05 May 2007

can't find any reference to FDD in the bios ,however have disabled the FDC in the device manager and the phantom floppy has dissapeared.

thanks for your imput

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