floppy disk wont automaticaly load on startup

  jakey1 17:23 21 Jan 2003
  jakey1 17:23 21 Jan 2003

ive been trying to load floppy disks automaticaly from start up so i can use the diagnostic utility from last months pc advisor cover disk and also things like check my startup disk and DOS boot disk but none of them load on startup-can anybody tell me how to resolve this please-thanks

  leo49 17:25 21 Jan 2003

Look in the Bios to set floppy as first boot.


  jakey1 17:44 21 Jan 2003

thanks....but how exactly do i do that please.

  Rtus 17:58 21 Jan 2003

press the delete key (hold for a while)as your powering up it will go to the bios page from there you want second down list Advanced bios features look for first boot device set to A: then set second boot device to IDE0 (or 1) for hard drive.. press escape ( or F10)to return to main menu then scroll to save and exit..your machine will restart if you have a floppy in it will boot to it (if it has system files or error message will be seen..) remove floppy and press any key to continue booting from your hard drive..

  Stuartli 17:58 21 Jan 2003

When you power up you can go into the BIOS (probably by pressing Delete).

You should see a list of various functions. By using the arrow keys to highlight each one you will eventually find a message that will include bootup sequence.

Hit Enter and use the + and - keys to change the bootup sequence to A etc. Then exit saving the settings (probably F10).

You can always change it back afterwards.

  Stuartli 18:00 21 Jan 2003

Rtus clearly uses a different BIOS manufacturer to me - but the basics are the same.

  Rtus 18:12 21 Jan 2003

it depends on the age too ( no not mine the bios ) and type of - award /phoenix/ Ami to name 3 ..but their roughly the same just looking through each option before changes often helps..as does noting each one down if your going to experiment with different settings..

  leo49 18:15 21 Jan 2003

Bios's differ in layout so you're going have to bear with me if the following doesn't strictly conform to yours - but the mechanics are the same.

Enter the Bios[usually by tapping Del at the first startup page on bootup].

Look for a list of Headings,typically Main,Advanced,Power,Boot,Exit.[remember yours might differ slightly]

Your mouse won't work here,so you need to use the up/down,side to side arrows to navigate.

The heading you want is BOOT.As you use the direction arrows to move between headings they'll be highlighted in turn.Get to the BOOT one[highlighted].

You then should have a list of numbered Boot devices, eg

1.IDE Hard Drive

2. Removable Devices[Legacy floppy]

3.Atapi CD-Rom

4.Other Boot Device

Your actual order may differ but if you're booting forom the floppy at the moment, you should see that your Removable Devices[Legacy floppy]is NOT at number 1.

Move down the list to the floppy entry so that it's highlighted. Then use your + key to move it up to No 1.

Then use youe arrow to select the EXIT heading and press enter.

From the list select[with the arrows]

'Exit Saving Changes' - press enter

You'll be asked to confirm that Y[es] or N[o]

Select Y and Enter.

Job done.

If you have any doubts at all you can always select from the exit menu;

'Exit Discarding Changes' and no harm will have been done.

Bit late but it took a while to type so here it is anyway.


  jakey1 18:27 21 Jan 2003

thanks everyone ive got it booting from floppy first now :) having probs with last months cover disk programme "data advisor" im trying to use the floppy on startup ive made as instructed but im just gettin the message-non system disk or disk error replace and press any key to continue,instead of automaticaly running data advisor. any suggestions please..

  Rtus 19:47 21 Jan 2003

havent looked at the program yet but have you copied the System files to it from your computer as you format it? then add the program data advisor..to the floppy..

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