Floppy Disk not reading Floppies

  Ben Chuud 09:07 30 May 2003

Have W2K installed on 1st PC...Floppy Drive does not read floppies. Thought floppy drive maybe faulty, installed a new one.. still not reading floppies. Connected both floppy drives to another 2nd PC with W2K, floppy drives working OK and reading disk.

On 1st PC, in Windows getting error, Disk not formatted - (not true- disk is formatted and has files on it). In command prompt, getting error:
The Disk Media is not recognised. It may not be formatted. Then when I do try to format it,I get the following responses:

C:\>format a:
The type of the file system is RAW.
The new file system is FAT
Formatting 1.44M
Invalid media or track 0 bad - disk unusable.

When I insert the disk in other computers, I can read/write to it.

What is wrong here.. please help as I do need this floppy drive to work as I have application disk which I need to install on the PC.


  AndySD 09:33 30 May 2003

Try going to the Device Manager and remove the floppy disk controller. Rebbot if that doesnt work try changing the cable from the floppy drive to the motherboard.

  Ben Chuud 09:42 30 May 2003

Thanks AndySD, will give that a shot.
Any other suggestions most wellcome

  DieSse 09:53 30 May 2003

Check in the BIOS that the floppy drive type selected is the correct one - 3.5" 1.44Mb

Check that the drive actually works in it's most basic form by booting up with a start-up dsk - then at least you know whether the hardware works or not.

Some (particularly older) versions of Norton will stop FDDs working correctly in Windows.

  Smudge 10:16 30 May 2003

Had similar problems when installing my pc into a new case and found that I had fitted the drive too tight to the front of the case. This was not allowing the floppy to engage properly and the drive was not reading it. I eased the drive bask a fraction and it cured the problem.

  Ben Chuud 12:52 30 May 2003


It is seleceted correctly in the BIOS,
No, it does not boot up with startup disk.
Yes, I do have an older version of Norton, will uninstall it and see how it goes.


I will give your suggestion a go too...

Thanks Guys

Any more suggestions most wellcome

  DieSse 13:05 30 May 2003

If it can't read a start-up floppy, your problem is more fundamental that Norton, as this will not be in play at boot time.

Have you got the cable on the drive correctly. Only the end connector near the end with the twist in the cable should be on the drive. Any other way won't work.

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