Floppy Disk is not Formatted would you like to ...

  Giggle n' Bits 17:23 25 Dec 2004


This is a re-occuring problem when I put a floppy disk in drive (WinXP Home) then go to open the Floppy Disk Drive Icon in my computer I get the message "1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive is not formatted now, would you like to format it"

Does anyone know if this is a fautly Floppy Disk drive or some bad floppys I seem to be using.

Because I rarely use floppies until now, believe I don't have many of them so is it actually my drive which is playing up ?

  Technotiger 19:37 25 Dec 2004

Hi, I don't think it is a duff floppy drive, more likely a blank unformatted floppy. I have seen this request (to do a format) several times on mine, whenever I put in a Blank Disk.
Merry Christmas.

  Technotiger 19:38 25 Dec 2004

ps... if you know there is nothing on the floppy, just say Yes to the format. Cheers.

  Eddie 2425 20:51 25 Dec 2004

hi i also have the same problem but o know there is stuff on the floppy so i dare not do a format so whats the answer??

  Belatucadrus 20:52 25 Dec 2004

Most floppys are sold formatted, but some are supplied blank. It's so rare now it comes as a bit of a surprise when you see them. Once formatted they should be fine.

  Technotiger 20:58 25 Dec 2004

Hi again, as Floppy Drives are not used so often these days, it might be that the cables/connections to the Floppy Drive have become 'tired' or loose in the case. I would suggest disconnect/re-connect cables, then retry saying a prayer as you do so. Cheers.

  Belatucadrus 21:00 25 Dec 2004

If you have a situation like Eddie 2425 where a disk you have used and you know works gives the unformated message, then you have a problem, particularly if something you want is on the disk. In this case do not format, it will trash whatever is on the diskette. The only thing I can suggest is try another PC as I doubt you can access the diskette contents with yours.

  Eddie 2425 21:08 25 Dec 2004

i only buy unformatted discs and then format them myself although i admit i dont use them so much as i used to, i have one for basic info to access quickly, but this has happened a few times, but i am lucky the info on the disc is easily remembered, an interesting point to add this has only happened with win xp it never happened when i had win 98, my comp is only over a year old!!

  zarobian 22:22 25 Dec 2004

Just spend pound seven or so and buy a new drive. It is diffinately your drive. Merry Christmes.

  Carl @ UD 22:46 25 Dec 2004

I doubt it is your drive. I would think you are using Windows XP + SP2 , this has been a problem with a number of machines since SP2 along with not recognising CD-RW disk`s to write to using Windows.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:42 25 Dec 2004

Ok, I bought a box of 50 blank floppies from Staples (chucked sleeve of box away and there I have no indication if there Formatted or UN- Formatted so I will take 5 out of the box try them then try them in another machine and see what happens.

Will post back, may be tomorrow now.

Merry Christmas every one and thanks for the call !

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