Floppy disk failure

  Drazpaz 12:01 13 Apr 2003

Upon starting up my machine it says "Floppy disk fail (40)" and in Windows when I put a disk in it simply says that the device is not accessible. What is wrong and what do I do?

  Megatyte 12:07 13 Apr 2003

Have you been doing anything inside your machine lately? If so check that you haven't dislodged your floppy cables. If not then the chances are that the drive has died. They're really cheap to replace (a few £££)


  MAJ 12:10 13 Apr 2003

Either the floppy cable is faulty or the floppy drive itself is dead. A new floppy drive will cost about a tenner, Drazpaz.

  powerless 12:12 13 Apr 2003

The floppy drive is fed up and has decided to fail you = A replacemnt.


The floppy drive cable has come out or that is fed up and has failed you = Check the cable is properly connected, firmly pushed in or a new cable is needed.

click here

click here

  powerless 12:13 13 Apr 2003


  Switcher 12:17 13 Apr 2003

Open the PC check the three connections

1. Power cable to Floppy

2. Floppy Signal cable at floppy end

3. Floppy signal cable at Motherboard end

Try again, if no luck coax a pal into letting you substitute his floppy signal cable and or floppy drive to determine which is faulty.

New floppy drive approx £9.00 Cable £2.00

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