Floppy disk drive

  Rikku 18:53 03 Jul 2003

I upgraded my PC 2 days ago to new processor and motherboard but when i booted up i got an error on the ploppy disk drive it says something like " error floppy disk(s) 40" or summat similar and ive made it so that the floppy disk always has a busy light on for sum reason . . . i think one of the pins might be missing from the back or i may have put in the power cable the wrong way round the floppy disk power lead thing the colours of the wires are opposite way round to the cd, dvd and hdd drives. There also seems to be a pin missing i dont know if it is supposed to be like this but on the bottom row second pin from the left is missing please help.

  distortal 18:58 03 Jul 2003

If the floppy light is on all the time, chances are you have the cable the wrong way round. Rotate the connector through 180° and see if that helps.

  Rikku 19:27 03 Jul 2003

well the ribon cable is aligned properly on the mother board (red side lighned to pin 1) but if rotate the ribon on the floppy disk drive it just doesnt have any activity it isnt responding at boot up still any more suggestions? cept buyin a new 1? id rather avoid that

  Rikku 19:51 03 Jul 2003

i need my floppy disk drive to reformat and to run the latest bios update for my motherboard heh,

Could the problem be beause of that pin on the back of the floppy disk drive i mentioned being missing? or the power supply thing the wired on the hd go like Red, black, black, yellow and on the floppy disk they go yellow, black, black, red is tht a prob with it being opposite way round?

  woodchip 20:06 03 Jul 2003

Ignore the pin missing that's how they are just checked a spare. The wires to the floppy disc are ribbon and power, red wires are near to each other in the middle of the floppy drive

  Rikku 20:10 03 Jul 2003

what did u mean by red wires are near to each other in the middle of the floppy drive ??? i dont understand there is one line of red on one side of the ribbon bable and there is one red wire on the power cable thanks for replying will take a look to see wat u mean in a mo

  woodchip 20:14 03 Jul 2003

they both face each other side by side when plugged in

  Rikku 20:57 03 Jul 2003

its like tht allready and its got the light on for busy so u recon i need to look for a new 1? or ave ne of u got more suggestions?

  woodchip 21:27 03 Jul 2003

Check in cmos setup when you start computer to see what or how the floppy is setup

  tamc98 21:41 03 Jul 2003

Do as Woodchip suggested and check that the drive is set up properly. It sounds as though it is set to detect an old 40 track drive (360K) instead of an 80 track 720K >.
You'll probably find the settings for this in the Advanced BIOS Features menu under Boot Up Floppy Seek or something similar

  Wilham 21:57 03 Jul 2003

I put in a new floppy, it didn't work and the light stayed on. I looked in bios,system etc etc. My son fixed it straight away. You'd got the plug in upside down he said - with a big grin.
I thought it only went in one way, ...oh dear.

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