Floppy Discs

  jim63 16:09 17 Nov 2007

I have loads of floppy disc's I no longer want. How can I dispose of them so that no one can access or use them.

  Fingees 16:13 17 Nov 2007

If you've got a big magnet, just drag it over them.

This will magnetise the disk, and make existing data unreadable.

  Technotiger 16:14 17 Nov 2007

Why don't you want them to be used again? I am sure a local charity shop would be pleased to have them.

  Technotiger 16:15 17 Nov 2007

PS - I recently gave over a thousand floppies to one of my local charity shops.

  Bagsey 16:20 17 Nov 2007

If the schools in your area are like those where I live they will be pleased to have them. Reformatted they will hold a lot of childrens work.

  umbongo(uk) 16:26 17 Nov 2007

just fold em in two if you want them to be unusable

of as above format them all and give em to a charity/school to use

  woodchip 17:58 17 Nov 2007

I still use them. Not much but they still come in handy

  woodchip 17:58 17 Nov 2007

Best way is use a full Format on the Discs

  Totally-braindead 18:01 17 Nov 2007

You could also chop them up.

  jim63 10:08 18 Nov 2007

I don't have a floppy disc drive or can you still get a drive

  stylehurst 13:43 18 Nov 2007

You can purchase a USB floppy Drive

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