Floppy discs!

  jay77 00:01 08 Oct 2005

How are what do i get for my pc tried shops and ebay,want cheap discs to save pc stuff etc,and how do i do it cheers all jay!

  woodchip 00:10 08 Oct 2005

you need HD floppy discs. Not Dos formated. and to back something up if it will fit on a floppy, just go to File in the Menu at the top click "save as" Choose where to save i.e. Floppy drive and give the file a name. If you need to update the file you do the same but just click save. Not Save as

  Stuartli 00:20 08 Oct 2005

A far more reliable method than floppies would be a cheap CD rewriter (from around £12 to £15 plus CD-Rs costing from as little as 15-20p each).

Use the CD-Rs in multisession mode and you can keep adding whatever you wish to the disk until it is full and then start a new one.

In view of the low cost and, presumably, the importance it's easy to make two disk copies at a time just to be sure.

  jay77 00:52 08 Oct 2005

How much are these discs and where pc world etc!

  Skills 04:32 08 Oct 2005

Floppy disks last time I brought some think I paid 2 quid for 10 any computer shop should have them.

As has been said thou blank cd's will be a far more reliable way of backing up your data and a cd writer would cost you about 20 quid now. Blank cds range in cost depending on how many you buy at once I picked up a hundred for 20 quid making 20p a disk. again any shop that stocks computer equipment should have these in for purchase.

  Derek 06:35 08 Oct 2005

Perhaps some of you don't realise that 'old fashioned' floppies are an important part in some applications. I use them extensively. They are very quick to load, save and restore, quick to right on and are much sturdier than CD's in their 'bare' form. Indeed their capacity is small but certainly large enough to cater for many applications in the music world.

My last seven professional music keyboards have all got facilities for floppies, the latest being the ground breaking Roland G70 Arranger KB.
Kindest regards Derek Miles in the UK.

  jay77 07:05 08 Oct 2005

I saw them and dvds in lidl loads very cheap.So the cd rewriter ones are they ok for me to copy in hard drive cheers.

  Stuartli 10:11 08 Oct 2005

Don't use the cheapo CD-Rs (forget CD-RW disks) from Lidl or similar outlets.

Instead, if you have a Morrisons store handy, buy the Imation 52x CD-Rs in packs of 10 with cases - £5.99 a pack or three packs for £10.

They are top quality rebranded media from Taiyo Yuden, one of the world's leading media manufacturers.

Alternatively, if you have a Saver (?) store convenient, multi packs of Mitsubishi CD-Rs can be bought at similar reasonable prices.

  moodboom 10:21 08 Oct 2005

Yes please do not simply buy the cheapes disks you can find. You're either gonna want to keep recopying you HDD info (simple backup) or archive certain files to keep forever (photos,etc). Either way cheap cds will let you down.
The same does apply to a cheap rewriter though. And as you don't have one already are you confident in putting one in yourself?

  moodboom 10:27 08 Oct 2005

Blimey I should reread before i post. I meant the same applies to cheap rewriters aswell. However they're all cheap now after dvd rewriters came out. You can get a brand new Sony for £20 and under, and a dvd combo for a little more.

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