dhaneshrs 16:52 27 Feb 2005

yeah weird question .. floppys are out of date lol .. but at college .. our proff use the floppy to show us sum slides n presentations .. now since they need us to write down notes n stuff .. they wont give us the floppy to have the files ...
Is there any way that the files in that floppy can be copied to a specified folder automatically as the floppy is inserted or read ?
Need help desperately ...

Thankx in advance ..

  Technotiger 16:55 27 Feb 2005

Hi, can be done manually of course, but not automatically as you describe.


  Salinger 16:57 27 Feb 2005

Is there a problem writing notes n stuff?

  dhaneshrs 17:00 27 Feb 2005

err ... actually no .. but its kinda irritating when he changes slides and stuff and he gets pissed if ya tell him to go slow .. ppl havin the habit of writin fast can write faster n better ..
half the time i duno what i wrote -_- ....

Since Technotiger said that therz no way .. i wuz just thinkin if we could use macros ? .. i mean program a macros to copy a file .. now i duno how to use a macros .. but if any one can help .. plzzzzz .. help .. i hate writin notes :'(

  User-312386 17:00 27 Feb 2005

The reason why you have to write it down is so that you can understand it. If you copy it then you will not be able to do it manaully yourself

I would write it down and understand it personally

  dhaneshrs 17:04 27 Feb 2005

aww well madboy33©® .. u r right at one point .. i do agree with u totally .. but we cant afford to get a proff angry rite ? after all end sem grades r in the hands of the gr8 ol proffy ..
I mean yeah .. its right that understandin is better .. but i just thought of givin it a shot .. IF POSSIBLE .. :) .. no offence to anyone .. but this maths proff of mine is really hot headed .. he gets pi**ed when u tell him that u didnt finish writing :S ..
appriciate ur view ... thankx :)

  Salinger 17:08 27 Feb 2005

Quite frankly, I would prefer to be treated by a Doctor who had taken notes and understood what they meant during his studies. Same goes for Lawyers and all other professions.

  Salinger 17:10 27 Feb 2005

P.S. you seem to have no problem writing shorthand.

  dhaneshrs 17:14 27 Feb 2005

Salinger ... again i appriciate ur views .. thankx .. :) .. i guess if so many ppl tell writing is efecient then i guess i better give that a try for a few days .. maybe by then i mite get used to writing faster ..
newayz thankx for all ur help and views :) .. appriciate it big time .. thankx

Dhanesh ..

P.S .. i guess i should resolve this post .. :)

  Technotiger 17:22 27 Feb 2005

Good luck when your exams come up anyway .....


  dhaneshrs 17:25 27 Feb 2005

thankx everyone .. :) .. closing the thread ...

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