Floppy contents wont open.

  TommyRed 17:42 12 Jan 2004

I have all my passwords saved to floppy so no-one can hack in and find them on my hard drive. I've just come to use the floppy and it wont open, I thought it might have been damaged but I tried another one and same result. This floppy was made on my old system 98SE with Access from Office 2000, my new system only came with MS Works so I assume this was why it wouldn't open. My Office CD is at my daughters, she wanted MS publisher which I dont use, so I installed Office 97 professional thinking that would work but no. Any ideas? or just wait for Office 2000 to be returned? Thanks TR

  Jester2K 17:44 12 Jan 2004

"I tried another one and same result."

So you've tried two floppies and neither can be opened?

Maybe the floppy drive is dead?

What messages do you get when you try to open a file?

  Diemmess 17:50 12 Jan 2004

Access between versions is tricky to the point of being a right pain. You would think each version was from a different publishing company!

My Computer should show the expected files with their subscipts even if (for other reasons) you can't open them.

As another bearer of bad news, I will join with Jester2k.

  Jester2K 17:56 12 Jan 2004

Sorry just re-read the thread....

Right files are created in Access 2000.

New PC doesn't have Access so until you install Access 2000 you won't be able to view these files.

Access 97 might not be able to open Access 2000 files.

  Djohn 18:11 12 Jan 2004

MS Works has a basic data-base program that is based on access, but I think you will need to change the ext. of your files while in access to be able to open them in work's data-base.

I know that you can do it the other way round with Excel. IE: files made in Works can be opened in Excel if the file ext. is altered to suite. Er! don't know if this is of much help to you but thought I would mention it. :o(

  TommyRed 19:07 12 Jan 2004

It's as I thought, probably need Office 2000. Daughter will send it on, may have it tomorrow or Weds. Thanks for replies anyways. TR

  R4 19:37 12 Jan 2004

You still should be able to see the Directories and files on the floppy, if not then maybe the floppy is dead as Jester2k suggests. But if you can see the files you need your excel 2000 as your '97' will not read the file format is of your 2000 files.

  TommyRed 19:41 12 Jan 2004

Yes I can see what files are on the floppy, but it just wont open. I'll wait for Office 2000 to be returned. Thanks TR

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