Floppy and CD: Incorrect Function

  Micken 11:47 12 Jan 2003
  Micken 11:47 12 Jan 2003

Both drives are inaccessible, giving the message "Incorrect Function" when clicked. I have to click this message twice to remove it. I have checked cables, device manager (there are no IRQ conflicts) and BIOS. The MB is MSI K7T266 Pro2 and the hard drives are unaffected. I suspect registry problems or a MB drive controller problem.
Any ideas?

  Micken 12:47 12 Jan 2003

Have the floppy back but not the CD. Uninstalled both drives and controllers and turned the machine off. Went away to have a coffee, came back, rebooted and voila! Am just about to have another coffee.

  Rtus 12:48 12 Jan 2003

have you just added a hard drive ? what O/S ?

  Micken 14:41 12 Jan 2003

I've had to put a hard drive from a RAID array onto the primary IDE slot in order to reformat a failed drive (both IBM 60 gigs). OS is W2K.
Interestingly the issue of the floppy working is hit or miss. I have rebooted the system several times, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The CD will not work. This machine is a server for a home network so I can save to various hard drives and to floppy on different machine.
Any ideas?

  Rtus 14:55 12 Jan 2003

Im not too familiar with W2K but my guess is its that Hd.. but is your floppy usable on boot up (Startup disc). however some one else may Know more..

  Micken 15:00 12 Jan 2003

Thanks for your reply. The machine boots up fine in W2K without floppy support. It simply struggles with the floppy once in Windows, CD is still a no go.

  Rtus 15:51 12 Jan 2003

If you think its down to registry error .what about trying a Scanreg /restore the only thing is it will loose what ever youve installed since that date of reg entry

  Micken 16:06 12 Jan 2003

Thanks Rtus. I think that I will see how it goes during the next few days. I may set the whole system up again. An early Spring clean!

  Micken 17:35 12 Jan 2003

Tracked the problem via web search at this link click here panel/eintrag_anzeigen.asp?hardware&9936.
It seems that InCD was the culprit.
Hope this helps someone else.

  Micken 17:37 12 Jan 2003

Sorry, that link does not work. I don't know why, the answer is out there somewhere!

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