Flood Damage

  barryg 08:15 23 Aug 2007

My computer has been immersed in water by the recent floods and condemned by the insurers. Does anyone know if it would be possible to retrieve data from the hard drive.

  €dstowe 08:23 23 Aug 2007

Was the drive immersed or was it high enough in the case to avoid that?

If it has been wetted the exposed circuit boards have most likely been destroyed. It may be though that the platters, which are in a sealed compartment, could be removed and the data extracted. Be aware, though, that this is an extremely expensive service and only feasible if your data has very high value.

If the drive remained dry it should be possible to link it up to another machine and extract most/all of what was on it.

  Graham. 08:58 23 Aug 2007

If it was switched off, the components may not be damaged.

  barryg 09:42 23 Aug 2007

It was switched on and drive was covered in water, so I guess it isn't feasible.
Thanks for your replies.

  Taff™ 09:58 23 Aug 2007

I`d be tempted to put the drive in an old machine as a slave and see if it can read the drive. You`ve nothing to lose really. Which area of flooding were you caught in?

  wee eddie 10:00 23 Aug 2007

The Hard Drive casing may easily have proved waterproof.

Buy a cheap "Enclosure", about £15.00 (that's a case for an External Hard Drive). If you follow the instructions it's usually fairly easy to remove the HDD from the old PC and fit it in the Enclosure.

Plug it into your new PC's USB Port and cross your fingers. If it works > Copy all the files across > then Format it > You have an, almost free, Back-up device.

  Diemmess 10:14 23 Aug 2007

I'm with Taff™ on this one - what can you lose?

Electrolysis during the power-on wet period will almost certainly have wrecked the circuit board in the HD.

But it can only have been seconds before the PSU or even mains supply failed.

Try a temporary dangle as a secondary drive, fitting the power lead first if you like, until sure nothing is shorting, and then try again with the data lead plugged in as well.

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