Flight Simulators for P.C.s

  Raysorbill 17:55 20 Jul 2005

Does any one know of a flight simulator that could be useful in improving navigational and R.T. skills for a trainee pilot who intends to obtain a Private Pilots Licence, also what kind of Joystick would be appropriate?

  mattyc_92 17:58 20 Jul 2005

I don't really play "flight simulators", but I have played a few.... I would try "Microsoft Flight Simulator"...

  mattyc_92 18:05 20 Jul 2005

PC World seems to sell quite a few Simulators.... Heres the link to that page click here

  mattyc_92 18:07 20 Jul 2005

Ok.... the link doesn't seem to work correctly....

I'll try again.... click here

  mattyc_92 18:08 20 Jul 2005

It didn't work again..... Just click onto "Games->Simulators" for the games.

  SANTOS7 18:11 20 Jul 2005

click here
click here
click here joy sticks and yokes here, hope this helps good luck.....

  octal 18:15 20 Jul 2005

I quite often fly one of the Microsoft simulators and they are great, particularly for navigation practice using they various NDB and VOR becons, you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like.

R.T though is a completely different ball game. The only way to practice that is in real time. I used to be an instructor in comms in the RN and believe me, it takes a lot of practice to get it right, so find yourself an expert in aviation communication procedure to give the necessary practice.

  GRFT 07:47 21 Jul 2005

For R/T procedure, listening to air/ground communications on an Air Band receiver would be a help. Get yourself a copy of Short Wave Magazine to see the many units available.

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