Flight Simulator X Installation. Error Code 1722 .

  Josie-Jo 14:38 27 Oct 2006

After installing Flight Simulator X I get an error code 1722 followed by 1603. I have tried numerous ways to try find a solution without any success. Contacted Microsoft after lengthy phone calls and was told to watch their site fo a solution. Since found out there are hundreds of people with the same problem. Microsoft have no answers that i can find.

  SANTOS7 14:43 27 Oct 2006

click here

follow thread, it suggests you need to reinstall windows installer to resolve this problem,good luck

  Widows Son 14:43 27 Oct 2006

According to click here the only solution is to reinstall windows - a bit drastic though

  Widows Son 14:45 27 Oct 2006

We must have posted within seconds of each other :)

  SANTOS7 14:53 27 Oct 2006

There seems to be a work around for this, and i have to say i cannot see what diference re-installing Windows has to offer as a resolution as you are only installing what is already on your PC.
haven't seen your name before Widows Son, welcome to PCA forum, hope you enjoy the company..

  Widows Son 23:52 27 Oct 2006

although I've been around since 2003! Only not on too often :)

  Josie-Jo 12:40 28 Oct 2006

Hi, Thanks for trying to help. It looks as if it will a new Microsoft XP Pro install. You would have thought MS would helped the thousands of customers with the same problem. It would point to the Windows installer programme uses itself to install a programme ( in my case FSX ) but then dosn't return it all back to Windows if there is an installation problem. Next time you want to use it up comes the error 1722. Regards.

  Ronharr 01:23 08 Nov 2006

Reinstalling will not fix the problems, as far as I can see. The programme appears to run normally but then on exiting it randomly goes to BSOD. On reboot and starting the programme again, it reports an activation error, refers to windows installer problems and incomplete installation. The programme cannot be repaired, uninstalled or fixed in any way that I've tried. Luckily, I image my drive often and was able to reinstall from image. I've done this deliberately now just to find out what, if anything, I can recognize as a "flag" to recognize the problem. Nada!
My conclusion? MS FS X is bug ridden in some installations. The problem is so widely reported that I'm aggravated at Microsoft's silence about the issue. Bummer!

  Mike D 08:34 08 Nov 2006

You could also look at the dedicated FSX forum on this site click here , they may have some answers.


  Ronharr 01:24 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for the suggestion Mike
I checked the link and found (with some difficulty)that Microsoft is working on a KB patch to fix the problem. It was reported as likely to be available as soon as Wed 8th Nov. Hmmm...

  Ronharr 04:35 19 Nov 2006

MS Games support has a KB fix for FS X Error 1722. It is described in the context of an install/uninstall leadng to an impossible reinstall. This is not what happens in my case. However, problem has not resumed since I installed a BFG 8800 GTX. I'm wondering if this is just a fluke (the ghost in the machine setting me up?).

Anyone got any more on this problem?


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