flight simulator x

  jimmybond 16:57 25 Mar 2007

I have a reasonably high spec laptop, would like to run microsoft flight simulator x on it. Just wondering if it's up to the job really, as I know that really it's configured for hardware of the future - Not bothered about high settings or the best framerates, medium & playable will do...
T7200 core 2 duo
Geforce Go 7950GTX
100Gb 7200rpm

  Technotiger 17:06 25 Mar 2007

Hi, the specs you show should be up to it. I have FSX(DeLuxe) on my PC, similar specs, just bigger hard-drive. I run it at almost top-settings.

  jimmybond 19:50 25 Mar 2007

ok thanks for that, it's an expensive game and didn't want to end up at 5fps as soon as there's any scenery ;-)
Ah how times have changed since aviator on the BBC Micro B.

  Technotiger 19:52 25 Mar 2007

OK - hope it works for you, it's a great flight sim.

  frostyuk 22:42 25 Mar 2007

i dont have such a high spec system 128mb nVIDIA graphics card 1gb ram and 120 hard drive works fine with my system and i agree with Technotiger great flight sim major leap from the 2004

  Totally-braindead 22:48 25 Mar 2007

Personally I would download the demo first to be 100% certain. Your laptop is well above the specs but I do have a couple of games that specifically mention on the packs that they will not work with the laptop equivalent graphics cards.
Heres the demo link click here
and have a look at the forum for the game and see if anyone has reported any problems with laptop graphics cards.

  jimmybond 11:39 27 Mar 2007

thanks for that, I didn't realise there was a demo for it.
Anyway I gave it a try - seemed to work ok at ultra-high settings on 1920 screen res, although limited to 20fps.
Looks good anyway.....anything that isn't a first person shooter is a nice change ;-)

  Technotiger 11:45 27 Mar 2007

20fps is still pretty good, you should not have any problems. Enjoy!

  Totally-braindead 14:03 27 Mar 2007

Might be stating the obvious here but if you drop the resolution just a wee bit the FPS will increase dramatically, it all depends on whether you find the 20 fps acceptable.

At least you can be sure it will run. I felt I had to mention the thing about laptops as in the case of Splinter Cell Double Agent and a couple of other games I have it says "Supported cards and it mentions the GeForce 7900 series but then says laptop versions of these cards might work but are not supported".
The games good but I found it buggy on my machine on one level in particular.

Glad you got the demo going anyway.

  ArrGee 14:50 27 Mar 2007

If you go onto YouTube, you'll find quite a few tutorials for MS Flight Simulator. There's a couple of good ILS tutorials that will come in handy.

click here

  beauchampboiler 13:41 04 May 2007

Words of wisdom: If you have got fs2004 and it runs perfectly on a 'mediam spec' pc I wouldn't bother getting fsx. In my opinion fs2004 is still pretty good!

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