Flight Sim 2004 users, your help please

  timothywilliam 19:28 13 Jan 2005

Flight Simulator 2004.
Version 9

Windows XP Home Version
Graphics card GeForce 2mx/mx 400.

I have been running this FS 2004 for two years without problems.
Now, whenever I land an aircraft, after touchdown and after about two seconds on the runway, the screen goes black and Task Manager states that the program is not responding, and so finishes. I notice too that fuel consumption appears to be very high, I have watched a fuel gauge literally move down to empty.
I have fiddled with the Settings within FS including the Scenery Library but I am apprehensive of altereing the prorities. I have also put all settings to default but the problem still occurs. It may be co-incidental but I think this problem occurred after I installed Windows SP2. (I have UK VFR photographic scenery recently installed but I think (!) the problem occurred before this. I notice the problem does not occur in the UK.)

I have done a Defrag. and emptied the Temp Folders. I know that there are some new Drivers out for my Graphics Card which I have not installed yet. I hesitate because of the stories I read that new Drivers can cause more problems than they solve. Also it is a very hefty download time on Pay As You Go as I am. I see no reason what could be the reason for the problem because the programme has worked for two years perfectly. I have looked at the Microsoft Self Support pages but I cannot identify anything which mentions the screen going black on ‘landing’ as mine does. Unbelievably although I have tapped in my ID number to Microsoft in the hope of help and state they do not support it so how can I get help from them ?
Can you make any suggestions to cure the problem or make any tests or adjustments please ? Or any ideas at all ?
It is very frustrating.

  [email protected] 19:45 13 Jan 2005

Have you installed the FS9 Update from MS ?
click here
A good utility available free from click here is FS AutoStart [just search but you will have to log - it too is free]. This little program closes all unecessary processes then launches FS9 - thus devoting all CPU/memory available to the job in hand! Should you already have these installed then it sounds like the graphics card is on the way out if it was all working OK before :-( . Is the particular a/c you are flying heavy on FR - the addon scenery wont make much impact but addon 3rd party airfields/airports/towns etc really cane the PC but that is usually indicated by jerky flights as opposed to permature terminations...

  [email protected] 19:49 13 Jan 2005

PS The Avsim Forum is probably the best place to pose your questions but there are loads of other sim forums - email me if you want a list ;-)

  Noldi 14:47 06 Feb 2005

Does anybody have an idea. My problem is English version Flight Simulator 2002 keeps crashing the computer (blue screen) this seems to be because of a language problem because im using WinXP in German. This program always worked before the computer had a virus problem so is it my firewall is blocking it even though I allow it to go to the internet through Norton or have I configured something different when I re installed windows?^.

Regards Noldi

  Noldi 14:48 06 Feb 2005


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