Flight Sim 2000. Bellrangers new controls.

  timothywilliam 20:29 07 Jan 2003
  timothywilliam 20:29 07 Jan 2003

I use XP Home Edition and purchased Microsoft Flight Sim when it came out. However I could not use it until about six months ago after I had purchased another computer with a bigger hard drive.

The programme went on fine and I have used it without downloading any patches or anything. However last week for no apparannt reason the main rotor RPM went to low revs on the tarmac before take-off and I was unable to fly it. No other aircraft settings were affected. I went into Help and played around abit and found out that by clicking Ctrl+F3 the revs would build up to normal, ie full, if you have ever flown in a turbine helicopter you will know both engine and rotor speeds have to be raised in sinc. Also, to my surprise, the throttle on the Joystick instead of regulating the main rotor speed acted as the collective, low throttle held the lift of the main rotor down, full throttle raised the main rotor lift. In other words I now have a much more controllable helicopter as I now have a collective that activates the main rotor thrust.

Don't ask me what I have altered to get this, but if you feel restricted by the Bellranger flying hands on controls and want to play around with the settings it is possible to get what I have done- albeit unwittingly !
It makes it a much more rewarding experience.


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