flies slowing my computer

  unbent 12:38 06 Sep 2005

i have just built a new pc, athlon 64 3500, 1 gb ram, msi k8t neo2 mobo, bfg 6600gt/oc agp graphics card...everything seems to be fine...plays games really well, plays music, but will not play any movies!! i hav power dvd, i thought that dvds would work...but the cpu fills up and comp nearly freezes its so slow, its the same with any video file weather it be usin wmp or real...comp slows right up and wont play movie!! i have no idea why my cpu fills up cos of them yet still plays games an music and functions fine for other things!!! and is a scsi drive so doesnt use dma interface also the ram and everything is working...i think it is a software problem but its not anything to do with codecs or updates since i have just installed them..anyhelp would be soooo great! please help

  Graham ® 13:02 06 Sep 2005

Are the flies blocking the fans?

  Micro-Man 13:08 06 Sep 2005

I recall a similar problem that I had where two 'players', (Real and Windows Media player), were trying to open the files at the same time, messing things up. Make sure that Real Player does not have Automatically Play Disc on Insertion,(or some such thing), in the options.

  unbent 13:20 06 Sep 2005

hehe flies..:) d'oh i meant files:)

  Stuartli 13:25 06 Sep 2005

Starting new threads on the same subject is wasteful and possibly unproductive as many forum members may not have seen the earlier version and come up with similar answers:

click here

  mattyc_92 13:27 06 Sep 2005

Are you sure you have a DVD-ROM/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM drive?

  unbent 13:29 06 Sep 2005

hehe yeh i have a dvd rom drive, and dvd -r drive.. set at master an slave

  Stuartli 13:32 06 Sep 2005
  unbent 13:34 06 Sep 2005

hehe flies i get it..it is very funny

  Stuartli 13:36 06 Sep 2005

Apparently Maplins used to sell one as well but it's no longer available...:-(

Perhaps it's more widespread than thought...:-)

  unbent 13:38 06 Sep 2005

hehe:) im guessin it porlly is:)..didnt nasa hav a prob with flies in the system once??:)

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