Flies on the screen

  computernerdiamnot 22:40 04 Jun 2004

Ami the only one who keeps on swotting my screen when i see the flies on the adverts on the PCA homepage.

  johnnyrocker 00:10 05 Jun 2004

would seem so as no response.


  Eastender 01:22 05 Jun 2004

Silly to swot the screen, you should use fly spray like me :o)

  ted bear 01:42 05 Jun 2004

what flies and what ads ? no adds on my screen

  Eastender 01:48 05 Jun 2004

That fly spray must have worked then

  GRFT 08:26 05 Jun 2004

It's honey bees on mine.

  Andsome 08:31 05 Jun 2004

What adverts? I never see adverts on this website

  computernerdiamnot 11:26 05 Jun 2004

I meant WASPS not flies, i suppose Andsome has got tunnel vision (lol)

GRFT send us some honey when its finished.

Johnnyrocker i still cannot help laughing at your response. :O)))))

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