flickering screen and squashed monitor image.

  mad-friend 18:44 31 May 2006

Please can you advise me. I have a 4 year old Medion standard size monitor which often flickers producing a greyish distortion over the screen. I'm a complete novice so have no idea how to fix this. Also, sometimes when I turn the computer the screen image is squashed with black lines down each side. I have found this doesn't happen as often if I let the monitor warm up before switching on, but it still happens on a regular basis. What more can I do to stop this happening please?

  wee eddie 19:10 31 May 2006

if your PC uses "On-board Graphics" or has a Graphics Card?

Have you ever taken the cover off?

  martjc 19:37 31 May 2006

...If they are o.k. it seems as if the monitor crt is kaput.

  amonra 19:40 31 May 2006

If it's a CRT monitor, then the power supply or line-output stage is dying. Not worth the hassle of repairing when TFT screens are so cheap. Start saving your pennies.

  martjc 19:44 31 May 2006

...I'm for line-output. They greying suggests this.

mad-friend. dispose of it in an eco friendly manner, now! ({8¬|)

  DieSse 01:03 01 Jun 2006

The greyish cast over the image, and narrowing of the image are both symptoms of problems in the line-output stage of the monitor. That's the part where the 25,000 or so volts is produced, and is always prone to bad solder connections.

The fact that the failt comes ansd goes in indicative of, but not proof of (it can be a faulty component), a bad solder joint.

It's just possible a TV/monitor repair shop could fix it relatively easily. But, it may still not be worth it, as new monitors with a 3year warranty may be little different in price from any kind of repair - that's just a fact of life.

Whatever you do do not try and get inside the monitor yourself - 25,000volts can be lethal, even if the monitor has been switched off for some time, as a high level of charge is stored in components in this area.

  mad-friend 11:58 01 Jun 2006

thankyou to each of you for responding. In reply to wee eddie and martjc I do not know what graphics cards are installed. The computer and monitor are both Medion and everything was installed before I bought it. The monitor is a CRT type, and from reading your advise DieSse, Amonra and martjc I think the line-output sounds the most likely answer. Don't worry DieSse I won't touch the insides of the monitor with a bargepole and my piggybank is already swelling as pennies are being frantically saved. Guess my old monitor will be going to the PC graveyard in the sky (in an ECO friendly manner of course). Thanks guys for giving me the answer.

  mad-friend 12:28 01 Jun 2006

PS: As the monitor is no longer viable can I impose on you and ask what TFT 19" monitor you would recommend that is compatable with my Medion PC and what you would advise me to steer clear of. I mostly use my computer for writing and photography. I also listen to my music on it but I don't use it for games.
Thankyou, mad-friend.

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