Flickering Screen on Lapton

  swimfan 10:44 12 Jul 2006

Hi, hope someone can help me, i have had my medion laptop for 1 year and 4months. and over the past 3 months my screen keeps flickering every so often, i can move the mouse and do work while its flickering, and need to know what might be wrong so i can get it fixed. A friend told me that a connection might be lose. Will that be true??

  Taff™ 10:59 12 Jul 2006

Possibly. The wires usually go through the hinge mechanism and they could put a strain on the cables which would work the connector loose.

Alternatively it could be that the backlight (which looks like a fluorescent tube) is going but you would reasonable expect those to last longer than this.

  rmcqua 11:08 12 Jul 2006

I would suspect the backlight lamp or (less likely) the power module for the backlight (which is an integral part of the laptop, though it can be replaced by someone who knows what they are doing with laptop repairs).

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