Flickering Laptop

  chriscross72 09:40 24 Nov 2007

The screen on my mother-in-law's Compaq C310 T1300 laptop has started to flicker during boot-up, also the machine hangs during shut down.
The flickering screen also has a number of lines flashing across it during start up.
After it has wheezed into life it is usually ok.
Could this be imminent hard drive failure or on-board graphics failure ?
The laptop was purchased on boxing day 2006 , so a trip back to pc world is in order !
I'd just like an idea of what to tell the 'helpful' assistant whom I'm sure to get.
Thanks for any pointers and advice : ))

  johnnyrocker 09:47 24 Nov 2007

is it running on mains or battery.


  Graham. 09:49 24 Nov 2007

Could be the backlight or inverter that is failing. Can you connect to another monitor?

  Graham. 09:49 24 Nov 2007
  chriscross72 09:49 24 Nov 2007

does it on mains and battery, usually running on mains.

  chriscross72 09:51 24 Nov 2007

unfortunately we cannot connect to another monitor.

  Graham. 09:55 24 Nov 2007

PC World will be able to.

  blue eyes 2 20:56 27 Dec 2007

would you reccomend the compaq C310 because i have just ordered one from pc world? please reply!...

  chriscross72 21:16 27 Dec 2007

yes the C310 is a good machine, there are no doubt better on the market but both my partner and mother in law have one and it suits all our purposes
I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a first time machine or is new to computing (mother is 67 !)
I'm using it now as it's built in wireless is great for surfing internet whilst watching tv.
It was £449 this time last year we bought the two on boxing day

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