flatscreen monitor faded

  submarine 13:55 07 Feb 2004

i ca nts ee wati mtypingo n th escreem (well it is that bad).........
I have a "Natcomp" 15" tft flatscreen monitor. It is approx 3 years old. My system is Pentium IV 256Mb RAM 60 gig hard drive running Windows ME.
Yesterday, the screen faded to almost invisible. I can just about make out what is on the screen and I've tried to adjust the brightness but that doesn't work. It's the same in Safe Mode.
I've reattached my old reliable CRT screen to see what I am doing, that works perfectly.
Do I let my TFT RIP?

  johnnyrocker 14:01 07 Feb 2004

i would think so unless anyone else knows better.


  submarine 14:19 07 Feb 2004

Thanks johnnyrocker for being first off the mark.
One of the threads mentioned a "backlight". Is this right, does it have a backlight and if so is it easy to replace?

  Djohn 14:21 07 Feb 2004

submarine, have you tried adjusting the contrast and brightness from the controls on the monitor itself? I think you will find the contrast is the one that will make the most noticeable difference. j.

  Fordy 14:48 07 Feb 2004

that someone said that 3 years was the expected life of a TFT screen at the moment?

  submarine 14:49 07 Feb 2004

Yes Djohn, tried monitor controls without success. As you said, the contrast made the most difference but I can still hardly see what is on the screen.

  submarine 14:56 07 Feb 2004

Fordy, thanks for your words of optimism. Or am I hoping too much from this modern "bin it when finished" world? I have a box of different size nuts, screws, stickey tape and aging parts including a 250Mb hard drive I hope will come in useful again one day. Surely the bits to fix them must be available? Maybe I come from the wrong age group!

  [email protected]@m 14:59 07 Feb 2004

There is a company which will fit a new tube in laptops, don't know if they do monitors. Have to pop to the shops, meantime have a look on google.

  [email protected]@m 19:23 07 Feb 2004

This is a picture of a laptop tube, but the principle is the same in your monitor. click here

  submarine 21:19 08 Feb 2004

Thanks [email protected]@m. I'll take a visit to my local computer bits shop tomorrow (Mon).

  leswood 21:28 08 Feb 2004

I have had this exact problem and I found it to be the power supply. Mine had a 24v transformer and it just gave up. I bought a new one from Maplins and this has worked great ever since

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