flat screen setup help

  always learning 08:51 30 Jan 2004

hi you ever helpful guys.I am silver surfer have just got 17 flat screen to replace my crt.i run xp home,with amd duron 1gig, nvidia gforce2,386 mb ram.I find that on certain pages when I scroll the letters blur until I stop,but on others like the pc advisor forum pages very stable.the monitor is set up to mfrs settings,1284x1080 @75hz. picture etc onscreen is perfect,just concern over the scroll/blur issue.I have updated to latest nvidia drivers. any help as always very wecome. Dave-always learning

  DieSse 08:54 30 Jan 2004

Recheck the manufacturers recommended settings - 60Hz is more normal than 75Hz.

The blurring as you scroll is a "feature" of TFT screens , due to their slower response times compared with CRTs.

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