Flat screen Plasma or, TFT

  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 15:39 23 May 2004

Am thinking of buying large flat screen 28" plus.
Mainly to be used for TV, but wish to use existing DVD and VHS player. I would also like to hitch up my PC to flat screen (but, do not intend to view TV channels via PC). Can anyone suggest which is best plasma or TFT. Also where can I get best bargain.

Many thanks

  €dstowe 15:50 23 May 2004

Plasma is definitely the better of the two but think carefully before you part with you money.

The life of both types of screen is notably less than a conventional cathode ray tube and a plasma screen has a shorter life than TFT on average.

We have a couple of large plasma screen in the studio here for presentations and I took one home a few months ago to try it as a television (it is equipped with a tuner). I can't explain why but after watching for about two hours I noticed I was getting a sort of "viewing fatigue" and eyestrain. This may just be me but, see if you can get one on trial and see if you get the same..

TFT screens have a limited viewing angle and I just can't get on with them at all. Even though several of my staff wouldn't use anything else now, I still stick with my 19 inch CRT on my computer.


  Graham ® 15:56 23 May 2004

BOIKE, any relation to 'ON YER'?

  Stuartli 16:23 23 May 2004

The very latest TFT models now come with backlights that are claimed to last up to 60,000 hours, which is substantially longer than up to now.

It's a point worth keeping in mind as, just as with digital projectors and the digital overhead TV projection units, new backlight lamps are around £300-£400.

  Stuartli 16:32 23 May 2004

I'm a member of a club which recently had a Toshiba ceiling mounted digital televison projector gun system installed.

Programmes are beamed on to a 72in screen and the resulting pictures and sound are absolutely stunning, with first class colour including flesh tones and superb surround sound; this week's football matches have proved an entirely new experience, especially floodlit games.

I want one of these systems. Now....:-)))

Unfortunately I haven't got a room large enough to do one justice - even bigger problem is that I haven't got the necessary bank balance either...:-(

  Charence 17:54 23 May 2004

I would recommend that you buy a TFT or LCD TV but not a plasma TV. TFT and LCD costs much more than Plasma but there is a reason for that. Plasma TVs also have a very short life time which makes it not worth buying. I'd advise you choose the TFT or LCD TV.

click here NEC LCD 30" TV 1600x1200 £2305.35.


  Graham ® 20:30 23 May 2004


  Life's-Good 22:32 23 May 2004

Definately go for TFT LCD monitor. Plasma screens are known to use twice the power of the crt although the picture is better. Wastes more money in the long run.

Many thanks - it has given me food for thought - there does not seem to be a clear cut answer. It appears it much depends on personal preferences, running costs, life expectency and of course how much one is willing to spend. Just like everything else in life really !!

  Stuartli 10:10 24 May 2004

Read this, especially re plasma screens towards the end:

click here

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