Flat panel monitors - buying help please

  fuggle 18:14 27 Jul 2007

I am thinking of buying a wide screen monitor and would welcome any advice as follows. Half of my work involves lots of text, the other half is editing digital pics and camcorder video.

Is it worth considering monitors with portrait and landscape modes (My graphics card supports 90 degrees image rotation)

Some monitors have contrast ratios of 1000:1 and 3000:1(dynamic). What is dynamic contrast? Is it a good thing, or something else to go wrong?

  Ashrich 23:37 27 Jul 2007

Rotating a widescreen might cause problems , it would need a very large stand to get the " wide " part upright ! As a rule of thumb , it is always better to go for a big name brand , I think at the moment Viewsonic are considered to be one of the better wide monitor manufacturers and Dell are producing some excellent ones as well .


  Stuartli 23:44 27 Jul 2007

As far as I'm aware, Dell doesn't manufacture monitors - it rebadges specialist manufacturers' products under its own name.

A large number of its earlier large screen monitors (20-21in or so CRTs) were rebadged Sony and Mitsubishi Trinitron/Diamondtron models.

Widescreen TFT monitors can be deceptive as, for instance, a 19in widescreen model displays a slightly smaller display height wise than the equivalent 19in 4:3 aspect ratio set.

  Toffly 00:34 28 Jul 2007

I've an 19" LG, and it's beautiful. LG are well known for making quality electronics, my CD drive is 6 years old and still works flawlessly.

  fuggle 10:42 29 Jul 2007

Thanks for the comments.

I read somewhere that 'brand names' are badged from only some half dozen actual panel manufacturers.

I have demo'ed a HP portrait/landscape monitor(the stand has height adjustment to allow rotation).

I still can't decide whether it is worth pursuing dynamic contrast. Could not see much difference when comparing side by side monitors with and without.

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