Flat panel monitors

  loopyloo 16:20 24 Aug 2005

I need to replace my crt monitor and I am looking to purchase a flat panel monitor. I don't want to pay alot for one because knowing my luck my actual computer box will go one day soon and I will have to replace that and most computers nowadays come with a monitor. Can anyone advise me of a good but cheap one available.

  Technotiger 16:35 24 Aug 2005

Hi, have look at click here they have a good selection, very reasonably priced. An excellent firm to deal with.


  sidecar sid 18:54 24 Aug 2005
  PC Bilbo 22:31 24 Aug 2005

Try this site click here

Have used and got speedy on time delivery.

If you want a cheap 17" with a sharp display have a look at Video 7 and Acer.

Like Tennis Raquets these days most come out of one or three factories irrespective of brand. GNR
is one such which produces for better known brands but their own named TFT's will be cheaper . Most give 3 year swap out warranty but check before buying.

  loopyloo 14:40 25 Aug 2005

Is there a difference between lcd screens and tft's. And can I just plug in a flat panel screen into my computer or do I need a special adaptor.

  Technotiger 14:47 25 Aug 2005

Hi, no difference - can I just plug in...yes.


  loopyloo 15:17 25 Aug 2005

Sorry to be ignorant but I have been reading about dead pixels. What does this mean. And will my graphics card be ok. I have a Nvidia Geforce MX420 card. I don't want to spend money on a new screen and then find out its no good for my graphics card.

  Technotiger 15:29 25 Aug 2005

Hi, don't worry about 'dead-pixels' - that was more in the 'old days', rarely any real bother.
Graphics card - yours should certainly be ok.


  loopyloo 18:24 25 Aug 2005

Thank you Technotiger for your help and website information.

  benzie 20:33 28 Aug 2005

definately buy digimate. Had crt broke down bought a budget flat screen excellent

  freaky 21:21 28 Aug 2005

Beware of dead pixels, these are quite a common problem with TFT's due to their construction.

A manufacturer is allowed to have a maximum of 4 dead ones, above this figure then you can demand a replacement.

Over the past 7 months I have purchased 3 TFT's for my business. All from the same manufacturer.
Two were 17" and had no dead pixels. The last one a 19" has one dead pixel....continually glows red towards the bottom left of the screen. You only really notice it on boot-up, and it is very small because there are millions of pixels on a screen.

Each pixel is in fact miniature transistor which changes colour. It is dead if it will not change colour. I would not let this deter you because TFT's are in my opinion the way forward. However contrary to other post to your topic, I just thought you should be aware of the very slight risk.

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