flat bed scanners

  Lawrence-255466 12:11 04 Feb 2003

In process of purchasing flat bed scanner. Want advice on specifications. Two scanners in mind one is medion and the other is Canon. Medion spec is opt resolution 1200x2400 dpi.(19200 dpi software interplated )Col depth 48bit and grey scaling 12 bit, black and white 1 bit. includes sotware for photo and word recognition. Has direct access to email uses ocr software print and scan.
The Canon scanner is LIDE30, same spec for resolution and colour depth bit. Question the Canon is £79.99 and the medion is £49.99. Am I likely to see any differences in quality since I want to use for photographs. aDVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED. tHANKS

  Elrond 12:17 04 Feb 2003

It's tough to say. If they're pretty much the same spec then they shud do what they say and you could go for the medion. I know they're not as a big a name as canon but a lot of people on here seem to have bought Medion products. Await further responses

  Djohn 12:18 04 Feb 2003

OLIVER100, can't comment on the Medion, as I have no experience of it. But I have the Canon LIDE20 and it is excellent, also the software is very easy to use.

PS. the canon is very quiet in use, if it were not for the on-screen progress bar then you would not know it was working.

  woodchip 12:24 04 Feb 2003

If you want a good flatbed for photo's I would suggest Epson Perfection as minimum the 1260 scanner or if you really want to take of 1640 click here

  Elrond 12:24 04 Feb 2003

Are the two scanners in the same shop? Maybe you cud ask if they cud show you some scanned results and then you can compare. even if they're in different shops you cud try it

  Pesala 13:00 04 Feb 2003

Another very important factor is speed. How long does it take to scan an A4 document at 300 dpi?

Never trust headline specs alone.
Colour fidelity is also very important, but hard to quantify. Try to read comparative reviews.

Epson Perfection often seem to do well in magazine reviews. Saving £30 is not much use if it takes twice as long to scan every page that you do, or if you cannot get updated drivers easily.

I have an Epson Perfection 1250 USB scanner.
Pre-scanning took 25 seconds, an A4 300 dpi scan took just under 50 seconds.

  Pesala 13:08 04 Feb 2003

A4 @ 300 dpi 43 seconds:

click here

I looked for the Medion scanner, but no scanners are mentioned on the Medion UK home page, only PCs and Plasma screens.

  Filch 13:11 04 Feb 2003

Go for the Canon. Great for fotos. I have an older Lide version which I do mostly fotos on and have had no problems. The software is easy to use.

  Gerrycan 14:06 04 Feb 2003

worth a look at this site ,Comet stores are offering it for less than £80,excelent VFM.
click here

  bfoc 16:39 04 Feb 2003

But Dabsexchange, part of Dabs.com, has a Dutch auction for brand new Epson Perfection 1250. Current bid is at £35!click here

  Scouse 18:05 04 Feb 2003

Epson Perfection. I am with you both on that one, cannot fault the scanner, although you will never see another Epson printer near my Puter!

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