Flashing lights on Lexmark Printer

  jack 20:01 16 Aug 2007

My daughter brought her Lexmark Z12 over to to day/
She had installed a new cartridge and all the printer does is to flash the power and paper feed light alternately.
As search of the Lexmark Data base and at Fixyouryourownprinter did not reveal this exact problem or any similar and a remedy.

I at first thought- Aha waste ink tank
Only to find having reduced the device to component parts - there is not one.
I have done all the tests - remove cart reset set it and so on but to no avail.
One suggestion from the Lexmark site is to say the printer is confused as to where it is in terms of head positioning and the pull the drive band back to the park position - Done that no Joy
Any more bright ideas
Before I bin it and Buy her another.

  martjc 20:22 16 Aug 2007

...the firmware is buggered. Lexmark won't be interested in repairing it. Bite the bullet and buy a new one - you can get an epson (better and cheaper to run) here click here

  jack 09:42 18 Aug 2007

This is what I have already intimated to her.
The machine when first installed a couple of years ago to her 'Work' Acer -XP lappie- simply installed and ran without the software disk.
XP knew all about it.

Now i have it at home and XP once more knew about it - but it still blinks away.
So I deleted it and installed the sofware disk
which is of course '95 era.
When I did that 'A voice' yes a voice said - 'Cant Communicate with printer' in genuine 'Americanese'

So I am fiddling now with trying to match driver to XP
But guess it will mean a new printer in the end.

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