Flashing Cursor in IE6

  huzzar 18:32 31 Mar 2003

I have just upgraded to IE6 and find that my cursor won't keep still, it is flahing all the time. Has anyone come across this one before and know what the problem, and answer is please.

  Djohn 18:38 31 Mar 2003

Don't have the answer, but just so you don't feel alone, it is a problem for a lot of users, and for some reason, mainly while on the PCA forum.

On some of the pages, my cursor behaves itself, while on others it is completely uncontrollable. J. :o(

  €dstow 18:45 31 Mar 2003

I get a similar thing with this forum on Netscape but not IE or Opera.

On Netscape the cursor flashes on and off or flashes between an arrow point and a hand. Perfectly OK on other sites.


  cream. 18:48 31 Mar 2003

I found that if I had my refresh rate to high the " flashing " happened all the time.

I dropped the rate and it only occasionally flashes.

Regards Hamlet.

  mikef™ 18:56 31 Mar 2003

Same as others I only seem to get the problem on this site but not on every page, at the moment on page 1 of the helproom it is flashing and no hand, but having a look at page 2 it is not and the hand comes up normally, most peculiar.

  huzzar 19:01 31 Mar 2003

Thanks for your responses. I posted this and went for a bath and the flashing has stopped, I have a funny feeling that something is happening that I know absolutely nothing about. I have just got an email telling me that mikef had posted a response, I refreshed to see it and there it goes again - that damn flashing, looks like I'll have to put up with it but it nice to know I am not alone.

Thank you all again for your time and trouble.

  blowworm 19:27 31 Mar 2003

just looked into this thread because I too am now suffering a cursing flasher, sorry that's flashing cursor!


  watchful 20:32 31 Mar 2003

lol. Mine also flashes but only on this site as said by others and only when there's a lot of activity.

  Green 1 01:25 01 Apr 2003

Mine does not Flash but it disappears and comes back only when I move it, this only happens on this forum,Do the mod`s know anybody who can sort this out? I`m glad I`m not the only one.

  huzzar 12:40 01 Apr 2003

It does not please me at all to know that I am not the only one but it does give me a sense of 'belonging' Today I am left with a rock steady cursor - tomorrow - who knows.

I really thought that it was because I had done some upgrading to my programs. Thank you again for your responses.

Although not really resolved I will give this thread a big green tick.

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