Flashes - been happening for months.

  lisa02 18:56 01 Oct 2006

Randomly and oddly when I'm doing anything the screen flashes off for a very short split second and back on again. Nothing else happens except this, maybe once a day or sometimes every other day.

It's really intermittent and odd to me. It causes no other problems and my machine is as steady as a rock.

WinXPhome sp2

thanks for any help comments.

  woodchip 19:16 01 Oct 2006

If it's LCD then Power problem in the monitor

  rodriguez 19:17 01 Oct 2006

It could either be a loose cable or your monitor or graphics card could be wearing out. Check the cable and if it's tight and secure at both ends, it will be either your monitor or graphics card. See if you can get another monitor to try on it and if the problem stops, then you know it's the monitor. If it's a CRT monitor it could be a sign that the tube is starting to wear out and if it's a TFT monitor it could be a problem with the backlight. You might be able to get them repaired, but it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one.

  lisa02 19:20 01 Oct 2006

TFT monitor less than a year old and I'm paying an extra warranty.

It rarely happens, barely even once a day sometimes and the machine is run for 12hrs plus a day.

I was just curious, if it worsens I'll get it looked at.

I'll check the cables for now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 01 Oct 2006

could also be connected to power surges in the house

i.e. fridge switching on or off

  lisa02 19:29 01 Oct 2006

All PC bits is plugged through a power surge, but we do have problems with light bulbs blowing all the time. Maybe it is the wiring.

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