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  Ben Avery 10:38 29 Mar 2004

G'day all!

The Background


I'm playing with the idea of a site, which in many respects is likely to be nothing more than an experimentation site in learning Flash. (click here)

I've started by creating a fictional site for specialist greetings cards (which may in the future become a reality so seemed a clever testing subject!) in Flash MX. (click here) Whilst preloading the .swf file I have come across a strange error. I'm very new to flash so forgive me if this is really a simple solution!


The Problem


When I click on the site root (which is currently located in a Folder housed on my 1&1 webspace at click here) instead of the "preloading" frames of the .swf file loading immediately, the webpage produces a white box (the size and shape of the .swf file) whilst loading, and then later on, the preload page clicks in. The obvious problem here is that when you click on the link on a 56k (I tested on a 31k connection) it looks as though you've clicked on a dead page, as the preloader doesn't start straight away.

I assume the solution may be either:

a) to add the main intro (what is being preloaded) into a new flash scene (Scene 2)

b) to make the preloader open a new .swf file (although it seems to me that the preloader won't actually load up the main .swf intro file then, only the preloader .swf)

c) (and the most likely!) get a solution provided by one of you who actually KNOW what you are doing!


Any help appreciated. the .fla file can be downloaded here (click here) for scrutiny if required as it's no secret! The preloader BTW is a downloaded one from flashkit.com which was free to use, but I will be changing the layout to suit later on.



preload the preloader, there's always be a white space until the .swf downloads so the only thing you can do is create a very small (filesize) preloader that loads a slightly bigger preloader
that loads the main site.

or just live with the white space, most folk with a slow connection wil have bailed out when they realise the site is flash based anyway.

try the forum at Ultrashock

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