Flash player on second XP user...

  nick_j007 22:42 28 Sep 2008

Hi all.

My daughter's user on my XP desktop will not play back flash content.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it on my (admin) user acct and it works fine.

When I try to install it on hers (this shouldn't be needed as it's already on the PC?) the gold bar does not appear and I'm having no joy.

Any suggestions please?


  brundle 22:48 28 Sep 2008

Is Javascript working in that account? click here

  nick_j007 10:53 29 Sep 2008

Thanks brundle.

I've looked here in both accounts and all is as suggested.

No change.

Shrugs shoulders.

Nick :)

  Clapton is God 12:25 29 Sep 2008

When you say "I have uninstalled and reinstalled", how have you uninstalled?

Did you use the Adobe uninstall tool?

If not, try again using the tool click here

  nick_j007 15:01 29 Sep 2008

Yes I did it that way, although it would seem that your link offers a new interface for doing so.

Anyway, same result, and no joy.

Just to explain a little further...Youtube videos will not play on her user account. It tells me that java scripting has been prevented (I think that was the term) or Flash is not installed.


  Clapton is God 15:12 29 Sep 2008

"java scripting has been prevented (I think that was the term)"

Assuming IE7, in your daughter's log-in, open IE and click on Tools; Internet Options; Advanced.

Scroll down and ensure that Java (Sun) is ticked. Click Apply; OK and reboot.

  brundle 15:39 29 Sep 2008

Javascript and Sun Java are two different things. If you went to the site I linked to first and it said Javascript is enabled you have discounted half the problem. Youtube won't work without Javascript or Flash. Your javascript is working. Flash is the problem.

  brundle 16:00 29 Sep 2008

Assuming your daughter's account is Limited, change it to Administrator temporarily, log into the account and remove and re-install Flash as mentioned above. Test that it works. Log out and change the account back to Limited.

  nick_j007 22:42 29 Sep 2008

Well thank you all for the ongoing support and suggestions but no change as yet :(

I.E 6 by the way (could never come to terms with the newer 7...is that a problem?)

I can run Youtube no problem on my admin acct, and even when changing hers on a temp. basis I am still unable to downlaod flash fully. The part where I'm waiting for the gold bar to appear for me to allow the active x whatsit to run does not happen and so no further progress from there.

Surely, if it's on my user as admin, then it's on the PC for all to use?

Have flipped through the settings as per all your posts and the setting already complied, so I feel we may be running out of ideas!

Full message on youtube is 'Either Javascript is turned off or an old version of Adobe's flash player'

I have Java (Sun) 1.6

Off to bed, will look in tomorrow.

Thanks once again.


  brundle 23:05 29 Sep 2008

"Surely, if it's on my user as admin, then it's on the PC for all to use?" - it's not quite that simple for all applications but for Flash, yes essentially correct.If you create another Limited account for test purposes, does Flash refuse to run in that account too?

"I can run Youtube no problem on my admin acct, and even when changing hers on a temp. basis I am still unable to downlaod flash fully" - what happens? Are you using a stand-alone installer and closing all browsers first?

click here

Again, Sun Java is irrelevant in this instance. Javascript has been tested and is working. Appears to be a permissions problem in the account.

  jackll 14:51 24 Dec 2008

It is nearly 3 months since your problem.

Did you solve it?

I have the same problem in Vista. Pulling my hair out trying to solve it.

Your thread seemed to stop with "Appears to be a permissions problem in the account."

I suspect my problem is identical to yours.
Grandchildren cannot use YOUTUBE in their account.
No problem for me as Administrator.


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