Flash Player and Java problem

  geedad 09:50 01 Jul 2008

There are certain files that require me to have Javascript enabled, and to have Flash Player 8 or higher installed.
I have taken a look at 'Control Panel', and I have the following software installed.
Adobe Flash Player Activex.
Adobe Media Player.
Adobe Shockwave Player.
Java 2 Runtime Environment SE v
then updates for that 2,3, and 5 followed by Jave SE Runtime Environment 6 update 1.
I also have MS .NET Framework installed - I don't know if that is significant.
I am puzzled why some videos, movies etc show a black, blank screen.

  User-1229748 10:09 01 Jul 2008

in my control panel i have :- java6 update6 and java se runtime environment6 i think they are up to date and for the flash player i have :- adobe flash player activeX - i think if you go to the adobe and java websites you will be able to download the relevant updates. :-)

  Stuartli 10:28 01 Jul 2008

You may be lacking some video codecs. Try installing the K-Lite Standard or Full audio and codecs pack from:

click here

Also see:

click here

The latest Flash Player updates can also be found (for IE and Firefox) at FileHippo:

click here

  geedad 12:57 01 Jul 2008

I should have explained that I have tried to download Adobe Flash Player from their website, but I can't even get the yellow bar across the top when trying to download! Pressing 'Ctrl' when clicking on the download, and using 'Open' to open the download, makes no difference at all!
Back to my oiginal posting, I CAN access some streaming sites, live, such as the amazing "Times Square" one with its various cam shots. The sound is heard also. When I move from Times Square to another camera on the same site, I cannot see anything but blackness!

  nosharpe 13:03 01 Jul 2008

I had a problem not being able to view YouTube vids and it turned out to be my firewall settings that were interfering.

Also check cookie settings

  geedad 13:07 01 Jul 2008

I have downloaded all of those files that you suggested.
They are on my desktop ready to install.
DO I need to uninstall the old apps?

  Stuartli 13:52 01 Jul 2008

You only need to install K-Lite codecs using the Default settings (also include your speakers configuration i.e. 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 or whatever).

JavaRa is a .exe file and only requires to be run one; it could be saved, if you wish, for possible future use.

There have been some occasional problems between the current and old version of Flash Player (one particular file conflicts with the new one "C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32MacromedFlashFlash9e.ocx"), so it would be wise to uninstall the outgoing version first.

Alternatively delete the flash93.ocx file mentioned above.

  brundle 14:01 01 Jul 2008

Good idea to clear out the old versions of Java, but it and Javascript are two different things.
Test Javascript; click here

Reinstall if it's not working (or reset browser settings); click here

  brundle 14:02 01 Jul 2008

TO clarify, non-functioning or even missing Java will not stop you viewing Flash sites or YouTube etc. Non-functioning or missing Javascript will.

  geedad 14:41 01 Jul 2008

Tested to see if Javascript was working, and it is. Web browser supports v 1.3 . and IE 6.
Will try other stuff later.
Thanks,Stuartli (again), I will download K-lite later, and see what happens when I have digested all the other advice.

  geedad 21:31 01 Jul 2008

Here's my updated actions, based mainly on your suggestions and advice.
Installed K-Lite codecs.
Uninstalled old version of Flash Player, and installed newer version, using Revo uninstaller.
Left Java as is,since it tested out OK.
Thanks to you all, I now need to see how things work out, and I will let you all know how I get on.

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