Flash drives & Acronis... could this be done ?

  mooly 12:26 14 May 2009

Looking at some of the capacities of the latest flash drives... up to 32GB got me wondering, would it be possible to set up Acronis to make an image backup to one. What would happen if you just copied over an Acronis .tib file from the HDD to a USB device, using the "send to command". Anyone any thoughts ?

  lotvic 13:13 14 May 2009

Try it, and see if you can then 'validate' the .tib file.

In theory I see no reason why it won't work if the file will fit sizewise on the flash drive.

  mooly 16:55 14 May 2009

That's a good answer "Try it and see", except I haven't a flash drive that large. Just wondered really... with the price of these things coming down it could be a great way of having a safe backup... if it works of course. Would you need to still be able to access windows to get a USB device to work...

  lotvic 17:07 14 May 2009

Well, last time I had to restore an acronis .tib image file to a blank C:\ drive I did it using the acronis boot cd, a usb keyboard and mouse, and the image stored on usb ext HDD

Better try that as well :)
If you have a flash drive put a few ordinary files on it, plug it in, reboot pc with Acronis boot cd and see if it is listed and you can navigate to it.

  peter99co 21:40 14 May 2009
  lotvic 22:12 14 May 2009

They look just the job, though I would have to save up for one, £82 on amazon for 32Gb

I think an ordinary one would be ok with Acronis.

  FatboySlim71 23:19 14 May 2009

I think for the price you would pay for a 32GB flash drive, you could probably get a much larger capacity hard drive for probably cheaper.

But I see no reason why Acronis TI wouldn't be able to recognize it.

Acronis True Image has a forum, they helped me out a lot when I first got Acronis True Image.

Here's the link:
click here

  mooly 07:20 15 May 2009

Had a good search of the Acronis forum... thanks. Seems there could be problems in creating a bootable image on a flash drive, all to do with some PC's not recognising more than 2GB as being bootable ? something to do with the file system used.
Must admit I've never not been able to access windows so have never tried using the boot CD. So if you can get into windows OK I dont see why a .tib file on a drive wouldn't work, but you would still need the safety of a backup on a HDD I think. Very interesting.

  FatboySlim71 14:07 15 May 2009

When I first started using Acronis TI and on posting various questions on the Acronis forum, one of the first bits of advice I got was to create a bootable rescue disk from within the Acronis TI program.

This is basically a disk that contains Acronis TI, so that in the event of where you computer won't boot up at all, all you do then is to switch the computer on with the bootable rescue disk in the drive, once it has loaded up Acronis TI off of it, it is just simply a matter of looking for the backup (on an external hard drive in my scenario) that you are wanting to use to restore your computer to a working state.

  mooly 17:32 15 May 2009

Thanks, have the original Acronis install disc which is bootable, just never fancied trying anything I didn't have to in case I ended up not able to access anything.
Could do with an old PC to have play with really !

  lotvic 20:18 15 May 2009

Put your Acronis disc in and let it load.

You then get a menu to choose from.

One of the choices is to Start Windows

Try it, it's very friendly.

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