flash Drives & 3g modem

  kimtrnc 06:42 03 Jun 2009

Bear with me - these ARE connected!
I live in Turkey and my internet is provided by local phone company Turkcell via ZTE MF622 3g modem, which is supposed to self-install.This works very well on my laptop (win XP home SP3)and used to work on my desktop -(Win XP Pro SP3)but now doesn't - for no perceptible reason. It wouldn't uninstall through ADD/Remove and I had to use Rivo uninstaller.System Restore to various prior dates also no good. Would be SO grateful if anyone could advise - phone company and manufacturer not interested.During my extensive-hair-tearing-out research, I have discovered that this prog also disables card readers & flash drives,which I thought was a different prob!Can only get round this by using Administrative Tools
Compute Management and opening from there. My Computer doesn't SEE the drives at all & the card readers aren't ever visible so unusable
Help pls?

  johndrew 14:20 03 Jun 2009

It sounds as if there is a file that has not been removed during the uninstall process that is somehow blocking the process.

Have you tried running Ccleaner and/or RegScrubXp to resolve the situation? You should unplug all peripherals - especially the modem - befor doing this.

It may be worthwhile running the cleaners in Safe Mode in case the file you need to remove is `live` (running) and can`t be removed as a result.

If this fails it may be worthwhile looking at Task Manager and attempting to identify any files associated with the modem and closing them before running the cleaners again.

You could also search your `Programs` folder for any folder associated with the modem and delete that as well. If it refuses to be deleted, try moving the folder to another location, renaming it, rebooting the PC and seeing if it can then be deleted. If this works then running the cleaners again should remove any remaining reference. Hopefully the modem should then be able to complete a clean installation.

Whether this will resolve your other problems I don`t know but you can let us know.

  kimtrnc 14:48 03 Jun 2009

John - thanks for answering. Your advice sounds good, and I will do my best. However, I cannot persuade my system to go into Safe Mode however hard I try. I will certainly run ccleaner and Regscrub and see what transpires! Will let you know outcome!

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