Flash Drive Nor Recognised

  s99Raj 11:33 07 Nov 2010

I have a Flash Drive from which I'd like to recover important data. It's only about a month old from being brand new.

It is now not being recognised by any of 5 computers I've tried it in. Other flash drives I have pop up in "My Computer" within a few seconds.

Is the circuitry inside the unrecognised flash drive gone? Is there ANY way of retrieving the data?

  rdave13 12:08 07 Nov 2010

As, I assume, you've tried differernt operatng systems then possibly it has 'lost' its drive 'letter'.
If it's seen by disk manager then try to assign it a letter. I use Paragon Hard disk manager for these problems so unsure how to do it via 7 or Vista.

  s99Raj 12:17 07 Nov 2010

It's not even recognised in Disk Management so I can't assign it a new drive letter.

  T0SH 13:21 07 Nov 2010

Open device manager expand the USB section then click View in the toolbar and choose "Show hidden devices" if you then see any unknown devices in the USB listing right click and choose uninstall on each of them refuse the reboot offer until they are all gone then unplug any usb storage devices and reboot once you are back to a desktop try plugging the problem storage device back in

Cheers HC

  s99Raj 13:30 07 Nov 2010

Tried that, TOSH.
Still no good.

  bremner 13:32 07 Nov 2010

The fact that it does not work in 5 computers really suggests it is broken.

It could be possible for a specialist company to recover the data but it will not be cheap.

  rdave13 13:34 07 Nov 2010

Sounds like the flash drive has problems seeing you have tried it in five different computers. There's a toolkit on the free EASUS partition manager, I've never used the software, but might help.
click here

  s99Raj 13:36 07 Nov 2010

Thank you rdave. I tired it but stil no good. Also tried Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Neither can see the flash drive.

  rdave13 14:50 07 Nov 2010

One last try could be to shutdown the PC and remove all the peripherals on your usb ports except the keyboard and mouse. Connect the flash drive and boot-up. If that fails then the drive is dead I'm afraid.

  s99Raj 14:52 07 Nov 2010

Tried that one too rdave.
Guess the flash drive is dead.

But maybe worth a try. My comp running W7 has suddenly decided not to recognise any peripherals except the keyboard and mouse (both USB, keyboard wired, mouse wireless,) in desperation I tried a USB 1.1 hub and although the comp says it would be faster to use USB 2.0 (which it refuses to accept!) all peripherals work, albeit way slower than I'd like.

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