Flash Drive

  scolley 17:03 11 Jun 2007

Hi All
I have just bought a Flash Drive PD2, plug and play, my Pc has found, it,

Can i ask a question of you, to copy my picture's and some of the file's that mean a lot to me do i just click on the file, and then click copy to drive F: on the pc, and its done, as im not great at pc, stuff still a novice, ho by the way its a 4GB, Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 11 Jun 2007

Yes thats all you have to do.

  Terry Brown 17:17 11 Jun 2007

Yes it is as simple as that, you can also right click on the file and use 'Send to', which does the same job.

  skidzy 17:20 11 Jun 2007

As above but also check you can access these files on another pc/laptop before any deletion/removal.

The last thing you want is to copy the files and find out they are corrupted via a transfer and the originals have been deleted.

Check and double check once transfered.Making a copy to disc also would not hurt.

  scolley 17:23 11 Jun 2007

Thank you Fruit Bat/and Terry Brown, am off to do that now so then its just a case of putting it some where safe, yes,

Ps, Peeps on here are so good in taking time to help novice like me, again thanks,

  scolley 18:14 11 Jun 2007

right it seems all the files i want to save have gone over to the flash drive how do i check this now,? or is this a simple quetion, mind you like who wants to be a millionaire, you either know or you dont, i surpose, and im using my life line, please,

  skidzy 18:18 11 Jun 2007

Plug the drive in the usb port.
If auto play does not come up goto My Computer and select the drive by right clicking and explore...your files should be viewable now.

  scolley 18:30 11 Jun 2007

skidzy cheers and to the above mentioned peeps, its sorted, now i can try and get this freezeing thing solved, am closeing this thread

  scolley 18:31 11 Jun 2007


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