Flash Dive for Win 98SE

  Glen 16:52 01 Mar 2008

I have windows 98SE. I cannot download images direct by cable from PC to my digital photo frame (only directly from a memory card).
Can I use a flash drive, or must I first download a driver? My computer has USB 1.0 ports and the flash drives I see are marked USB2.
Having loaded images onto a flash drive, I want to connect to a Digital photo frame which has a minature USB socket. Do I have to buy an adaptor for the smaller size?


  wotbus@ 17:15 01 Mar 2008

USB2 is backwards compatible with USB1, and will just be slower.
Drivers are not necessary for a flash drive.
Not sure if you can get a step-down adaptor for the the mini USB port but probably.

  Sea Urchin 17:33 01 Mar 2008

Not many flash drives will work with Win98SE, and in my experience those that do require a driver to be downloaded from the manufacturer's site. You could check the website to make sure.

  ambra4 19:31 01 Mar 2008

To use a flash drive on windows 98SE you have to install the correct windows 98SE

driver from the flash drive manufacturer as “Sea Urchin” said not all company supply

windows 98SE drivers check manufacturer web site

You would also need to get a USB Cable Connecter USB Type A Female to Mini B (5

Pin) Male Adapter once you have save pictures to flash drive you than plug it into the

female side of the adapter and plug the mini usb connector into the picture frame

This kit will cover all your USB type connections from mini to standard

click here

  Coffee Adict 20:41 01 Mar 2008

If its any help I used a Kingston Data Traveller with my Windows 98 first edition and it worked. They had drivers on their web site for 98SE if my memory serves me right and I used those drivers, this was about 9 months ago so I don't know if they are still available, don't go for a big data size I don't think windows likes looking at too much in one go. Dabs have a 1gb on their site for £6.43.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:16 01 Mar 2008

Drivers are not necessary for a flash drive

Yes they are for 98!

DO NOT buy a flash drive that does not come with a driver disk with win 98 drivers on.

  David4637 20:41 03 Mar 2008

Did you mean that the Kingston Data Traveller web site had a driver that worked with your pen drive, even though your pen drive was not made or sold by them? Thanks David

  woodchip 20:53 03 Mar 2008

You will only get it to work, by Fitting a USB2 PCI Card with a Via chipset on it. This you can make run on 98se after downloading USB2 drivers from Via site, as I run 98se as my main OS. though I also dual boot it with XP Home

  David4637 09:53 04 Mar 2008

Thanks again woodchip. David

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