flash designer 5.1

  enigma_lost 10:42 01 Feb 2005

i recently started using flash designer 5.1 but once i have created a flash image and save it to a folder i can no longer open it. i get the "windows cannot open this file:" error it is an .sfd extension, is there anyway i can save this as another extension or even open it as a photo. running xp.

  ACOLYTE 11:59 01 Feb 2005

What sort of image was it to be was it supposed to move,was it a banner did it have sound?,you should be able to play it back by clicking on it if the software you used has a flash plugin for windows i use ifranview to open and play them.Also im not sure about this but i think .swd
file is a debbug file so it may not be a whole file.

  enigma_lost 13:05 01 Feb 2005

it was supposed to flash a text up just as a moving image i suppose there was no sound to it.

  ACOLYTE 13:11 01 Feb 2005

Have you tried exporting the file as an animation.rather than saving it.I have not used flash designer but i assume there is options for you to play it back before you save and to alter the speed it flashes?There may be one to export it next to them or in file/export and then as a movie? not sure.

  enigma_lost 13:53 01 Feb 2005

i have the option of exporting it as an swf file. exporting the html page or vewing the html code. all i really want it to be able to view it as a picture JPEG format or GIF

  ACOLYTE 14:03 01 Feb 2005

Are you planning to put it on a web site? if so you will need the html page and the swf as well as the code to run it,the code should be written in the html page already tho,if you save it as a swf it should open when you click it if you have macromedia flash player installed on the pc
im not sure about a jpeg it wouldnt flash then so the point of doing it would be lost,you may be able to change it to a gif file,but im not 100% sure it would still work after.

  enigma_lost 14:11 01 Feb 2005

how would i change it to a GIF though? i hadn't intended it to be put into a website not using HTML anyway rather as an upload profile picture type thing

  ACOLYTE 14:18 01 Feb 2005

click here i use this to change most file types.But as i said i dont know if it would work,if you wont a gif it would be better to make a gif directly.I dont know if you could uplaod the file that way you may just have to link to the picture,depends on the web site.

  ACOLYTE 14:19 01 Feb 2005

What do you wont it to say and do anyway?

  enigma_lost 14:22 01 Feb 2005

i have a friend who made a website to which you register and rather than have a normal everyday run of the mill pic i thought i'd try out this new program and play around with it.
i don't know how to make a GIF image...

  enigma_lost 14:24 01 Feb 2005

what am i supposed to download from this site?

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