Flash BIOS for PcChips board M559

  rabadubdub 03:54 19 Dec 2005

I've been trying to locate the BIOS update and appropriate Flash utility for an old PcChips Motherboard - no markings on board but, from pcchipsusa site it appears to be a m559 pentium MX with VXProII+ C83371 chipset, and Cyrix6x86 MX/M2 PR200 cpu. Onboard CMedia SoundPro HT1869v+ PCI, and Rockwell RCV336ACFsp/W modem on ISA, and a S3 Trio64V2 DX/GX (775/785) graphics card. I've already had to replace the CMOS Battery. The existing BIOS is AMI v2.5.
I found a BIOS file 5590228s.ROM (no details on contents?), and a selection of AMI Flash util's but, which one to use? I know some BIOSes can be fussy about using the right one. I've also contacted their support staff for assistance but no response as yet. I'd really like to get bigger Hard Disk and memory support if possible.
I don't know very much about SCSI BIOS chips (are they flashed differently for example?), but it looks like that is what is on the board. This one has these markings:
BurnIn / 24hr :
Amibios :
586 (c) 1985-95 :
Megatrends :
BW6 8120

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 08:49 19 Dec 2005

"I know some BIOSes can be fussy about using the right one" not quite true, if you try to flash the BIOS and use the wrong one you will corrupt the BIOS and make the motherboard unusable. I see no reason that it can't take more memory already and a new hard drive as well without flashing the BIOS, this is of course dependant on what you already have. Most of the BIOS flash files are to provide support for newer processors.

  rabadubdub 16:45 19 Dec 2005

It can take up to 384mhz mem which isn't bad really. I think a cpu increase might be possible too. but mainly larger HardDisk drive support is needed - there's a 2.1GB in just now and it only takes max 8.4GB so that can be improved for sure. It doesn't even have ps/2 mouse support.
Anyone else able to assist?


  rabadubdub 15:30 20 Dec 2005

Anyone know the most recent compatible AMIBios version for this board?
All help appreciated, Thanks.


  rabadubdub 19:07 30 Dec 2005

visitors got knowledge of this bios? I'm still having no luck, and no word from pcChipsusa tech department..

Thanks for any assistance


  Diversion 19:36 30 Dec 2005

I don't know if this site will help.
click here

  rabadubdub 20:04 30 Dec 2005

Thanks, Diversion - unfortunately, it's the same people as the pcchipsusa.com site.

Having searched in their "Discontinued Products" pages I got hold of the bios 5590228s.rom mentioned, and I'm pretty certain this is the right one but, I think a flash utility is required to load it.

Problem is, there were 4 versions of AMI Flash utilities on their site but no indication which one to use... I expect it will make a difference which one is used with this bios. and I don't want to compound the problem using the wrong one. (I have v634; 807; 818; and 335 - all zipped). If anyone knows the right one to use, don't be shy.
Thanks for the suggestions anyway.


  rabadubdub 22:25 08 Jan 2006

back after a break.. still no response from pcchips techs.
Ihave also found another BIOS for the m559 board "5590123.bin", but I don't have a date for it newer/older than 5590228.rom?
I'm happy to use the latter, but I really have to be sure which flashUtil to use.
Anyone new to this thread any the wiser?

Thanks again,

  Strawballs 00:25 09 Jan 2006

click here Download this and run it and it should give you a link to the bios update site.

  DieSse 00:41 09 Jan 2006

*there's a 2.1GB in just now and it only takes max 8.4GB so that can be improved for sure.*

Unfortunately it isn't for sure - there may not be an update for larger disk sizes (and there may be of course)

But you can often get around this by simply using the drive manufacturers overlay. Seagate Disk Wizard, and maxTor Maxblast have such utilities.

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