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  CNP Ltd 08:51 24 Feb 2004

i am using microsoft office 2003 frontpage to design a website for my college project, but i am having some problems.
i got a flash banner from click here

and downloaded it. if i click on the link and open it in explorer it works, i can also get it to go into frontpage but as an image. how do i get it into frontpage as a flash banner.

Please Help!


  Jester2K 09:35 24 Feb 2004

When you import it into FP it might appear static (ie look like an image) until you up load it.

What happens when the image is "live" on the website?

  tomleady 10:10 24 Feb 2004

did you download the file as a .swf or as a .fla?

if its a .swf you should be able to just drag it into frontpage.

if its a .fla then u need Flash and open it in that, then export it.

hope thats what you meant.


  Taran 10:38 24 Feb 2004

Flash in FrontPage requires certain steps to be performed in a specific order or things go pear shaped and to make matters more interesting, different versions of FrontPage have a very slightly different process.

For FrontPage 2003 about the simplest way is this:

1. Import the Flash file into your web root folder or into a dedicated flash folder within the root using the File, Import command. Note, you must import the .swf file and NOT the .fla file.

2. Open the FrontPage page where you want to insert the Flash movie.

3. Click Insert, Picture, Movie in Flash Format then browse to the file and select it.

4. If you right click on the Flash file you just placed on the page you can select the option to Play Movie in Flash.

5. To change the size, transparency, background colors and quality of the movie from the 'Appearance' tab, right click on the Flash file and select 'Movie in Flash Format Properties'.

6. To specify whether the Flash movie can loop, auto play or to show menu on the file when it's viewed on the web use the 'General' properties tab.

7. Save you page and publish the web to your web server making sure to upload all new files.

Job done.

FrontPage 2000 and 2002 both have slightly different methods, butI'm not going to list them since your version is 2003.

  Dawsey 20:14 25 Feb 2004

I usualy find the easyest way to import a flash banner into frontpage is to use it as a plug-in. Simply insert the plugin (cant remember the menu summin like inset) and select the file. You can also resize the banner with the plugin method

Hope this helps

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