pppc 20:34 03 Jan 2003
  pppc 20:34 03 Jan 2003

A friend cannot read some Yahoo animated greetings; I suspect she has no/an out of date Flash viewer. She is running IE5 under Windows 95. Is my supposition probable?? If so, can we update her with a current Flash viewer? And if so, how??

  Joe McG 20:40 03 Jan 2003

pppc, you can get it from here.click here

  pppc 18:31 09 Jan 2003

for Joe McG

Many thanks for your reply. But before I read it I had taken to my friend a BonusPrint (Photo. Film processor) CD and when it Autoran it automatically installed the FLASH rerader and it has cured the problem,. Thank you again PC.

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