paz57 08:19 02 Jul 2006

hi, what exactly happens when you flash the bios?
I have a amd 2400 but the system only shows 1800...not sure whether flashing the bios will make it show corrct....cheers paz

  Diodorus Siculus 09:48 02 Jul 2006

BIOS Flashing, What is BIOS or CMOS flashing?
"What is the BIOS?

The BIOS is a piece of software that is permanently stored in a chip on the motherboard. When you first turn on a computer, the BIOS program is initiated. It performs a hardware check and makes sure that certain crucial pieces of hardware are present and functioning properly. For example, it makes sure there is a video card, a CPU, memory, and a power supply providing proper voltages. If there is a problem, it will inform you via beep codes. If everything is fine, it will display a startup screen, the first thing you see on your monitor. It then proceeds to do a memory check, discover other hardware, configure devices as needed, identify the boot drive, and then hand over control to the boot sector on the boot drive, which launches the operating system.

What does "flashing the BIOS" mean?

This BIOS software is in some regards like other software. There are newer versions available that contain updates, enhanced, features, new features, and bug fixes. It is possible to install newer BIOS versions and upgrade, but the process is different from upgrading regular software that's installed on your computer. The BIOS software is not stored on the hard drive, but in a chip on the motherboard. To erase the software on the chip and program it with a newer software version you need to use a special program called a flash utility, and the process of performing the upgrade is called flashing the BIOS."
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AMD Processor Support Forum > 2400+ SHOWS AS 1800+
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