Michendi 11:12 19 Feb 2005

Can anyone explain why Macromedia Flash costs the equivalent of a Round-the-World trip and less heavy artillery costs less than dinner at a decent restaurant?

I use Dreamweaver extensively and am a great fan of Macromedia. But.... right now I am in the process of purchasing a Flash tool and have difficulty in justifying a cost of £419 (£579 for pro version) for Macromedia Flash when a very competent tool such as KoolMoves Flash costs £20. I have looked at about 25 sites that have been developed using KoolMoves and am impressed with what can be achieved.

Am I missing something here?

  Taran 14:04 21 Feb 2005

Flash is not just an animation tool, which many people automatically assume it is.

It is (arguably) a complete production environment with its own programming language and the ability to interact with dynamic data sources and video.

If you want some animations then SWiSH and KoolMoves are fine and, as you say, they cost comparatively little.

If you want a rish development environment where anything from interactive CD ROMs to dynamic web applications can be programmed, Flash offers more than anything else currently available, unless of course you get into Macromedia Director territory which is even more expensive (and a lot scarier).

Flash was never meant as an out and out animation tool - its development capabilities have been badly overlooked for a long time and the last two versions have done a lot to redress that situation.

This falls down to one of those "right tool for the job" scenarios. Pay less for something that works fine within its limitations. The moment you begin challenging those boundaries you will start to lean towards Flash again.

  Michendi 17:30 21 Feb 2005

Thanks Taran

So if all one wants to do is add a little "life" to a flat site (in particular I am referring to Intranet sites, which is what I concentrate on), then the "cheap & cheerful" will do the job.

Any personal preference between SWiSH Lite and KoolMoves? They both cost the same.

  Michendi 18:09 21 Feb 2005

I have just taken the tour of SWiSHmax. At £54 this is very impressive stuff. My only concern is will it live comfortably with Dreamweaver?

  Taran 01:22 22 Feb 2005

SWiSHmax is a superb buy - arguably the best you can get outside of Flash itself - at least where site bells and whistles are concerned.

Almost any of the lower cost options can suffice to add a little zing to a static site. If you want a banner or two, text effects and buttons then you could do far worse than any of the SWiSH family (my own preference if I'm not using Flash) or other alternatives like KoolMoves.

SWiSH can, in fact, be used to generate an entire Flash site, assuming you take the time to learn it of course. It is also far, far easier to get to grips with and about a tenth of the proce of Flash.

I hate to recommend one product over another in this type of situation. Buttons and effects that one person may like could be detested by another.

Take the product tours, sit back and have think over a good cup of coffee. At the sort of price you are considering, it's a bearable loss if things turn out less than expected.

  Michendi 10:16 22 Feb 2005

Thanks Taran

Your advice is always appreciated.

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