Flammable? or Inflammable

  spikeychris 10:50 21 Jan 2004

Need a word-smith. Just had to write a report on why a machine caught fire, turns out it was full of *fluff* and heat build up set if off.

Now I stated that it contained inflammable material, been told its not inflammable but flammable. I thought they where the same thing but someone thinks otherwise.

Advise please.

  Edstow 10:56 21 Jan 2004

I can't find the reference at the moment but the Health & Safety Executive (government department) state that the correct term is "flammable".

The term "inflammable" should not be used as it can cause confusion in suggesting the opposite of what is intended.

  Taff36 11:04 21 Jan 2004

USAGE The words flammable and inflammable have the same meaning. It is, however, safer to use flammable to avoid ambiguity, as the in- prefix of inflammable can give the impression that the word means non-flammable.

  tafoody 11:12 21 Jan 2004

you should of looked in your 'my postings' i have a feeling this was also discussed in a thread titled "is it disc or disk"

  tafoody 11:17 21 Jan 2004

ah, the search does work click here

but my memory obviously doesn't, it wasn't mentioned in that thread, sorry.

  Smiler 11:21 21 Jan 2004

Oxford Dictionary

flammable / adj.
flammability / n.
[Latin flammare from flamma ‘flame’]

inflammable / adj. & n.
1 easily set on fire; flammable.
2 easily excited.
n. (usu. in pl.) an inflammable substance.
inflammability / n.
inflammableness n.
inflammably adv.
[inflame, suggested by French inflammable]

So it looks like inflammable to me

  spikeychris 11:21 21 Jan 2004

Just spent ages looking through that (very useful and informative post) and couldn't find and ref to flammable.

Don't be sorry though as I'd forgot all about it and I've just had a giggle.

Edstow, nice to see your name in print again and thanks Taff. Think I'll just be awkward and leave it in...:o)

  spikeychris 11:22 21 Jan 2004

Always like it when a ringer comes in :o)

  spikeychris 11:24 21 Jan 2004

click here for a couple more.

  Chegs ® 11:26 21 Jan 2004

Why not forget about the rights and wrongs of "Flammable? or Inflammable" and use combustible instead. :-)

  spikeychris 11:33 21 Jan 2004

Could do Chegs ® but how would that wind up my boss? :o)

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