Fizzing sound from tower

  Skills 15:34 19 Oct 2005

About 5mins ago my tower made a strange kinda fizzing sound n I could smell burning. Oh **** me thinks so I powered down opened the case checked for any signs nothing checked the fans were still running they were both CPU and PSU.

Have plugged everything back in and its powered up, fans are running and theres no smell. What could it have been? Im thinking PSU as thats where most of the smell was from, but in that case why is it workin now.

OK temps under everest look fine but under the voltages there is debug info. Ive never seen that before. PSU problem do we think.

Its only a couple of months old an antec one from ebuyer.


  Doire_Bhoy 15:39 19 Oct 2005

You checked the power pack?

  Skills 15:43 19 Oct 2005

Visually it looks fine, fan is spinning and its giving out juice, just backing up data then gonna power done and get me laptop out.

  freaky 15:45 19 Oct 2005

If the smell emanated from the PSU, then that is where the cause is. A faulty PSU could ruin your Motherboard and/or your CPU. Would recommend you replace ASAP! preferably with another make.

  Doire_Bhoy 15:46 19 Oct 2005

The fact that you could smell burning doesnt sound very good mate. Have you checked all contactts inside the machine? ie RAM, cards etc.

  Skills 16:22 19 Oct 2005

I know I've just swapped out the PSU with a spare that I had.

I had a good smell inside the case and couldnt find a source from in there as I said everything looks ok and I cant see any signs of a fried RAM stick or Chip. I only have one stick of RAM so if that had gone...

Its booting ok, so at the mo Im thinkin it was the PSU, lets hope so eh

  Skills 16:45 19 Oct 2005

So far so good temps look ok and no strange noises, so I think I had a lucky escape there.

Gonna get onto ebuyer and see if they'll replace that PSU as I only got it a couple of months ago.

Will tick this one for know.


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