Legslip 22:57 22 Nov 2007

My PC mag has an ad. from Fixitlocal and it says that they will carry out a virus check & eradication. If you have Antivirus installed, running and updated, why would you want to pay someone to come and check?

  johnnyrocker 23:18 22 Nov 2007



  Legslip 10:37 25 Nov 2007

Thanks for the reply. So, if I run a standard set of software i.e.AVG, Spybot, Ad-Aware what can these people do for me?

  MAJ 10:40 25 Nov 2007

You don't have children then Legslip, lol?

  Legslip 10:45 25 Nov 2007

No I don't but praps I understand where your coming from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:04 25 Nov 2007

Some people have money to burn or don't have the know how or confidence to download and install programs.

If you have a firewall - Antivirus - and some antispyare and a little common sense on where to browse, you will not have a problem and won't need FixItLocal

means that childrn don't use common sense when browsing and alot of crap is aimed at the rintone, wallpaper, chatroom, type sites which kids frequent.

  spuds 14:27 25 Nov 2007

It must be a possible money making and paying game, because over the past couple of months, my letterbox as received many a leaflet offering the same services. Reading some of the offers of what 'our highly experienced engineer can do' for £30.00 or more, makes very interesting reading.

  MAJ 15:05 25 Nov 2007

What happens is, people buy their kids a computer or they set them up with their own user accounts on their own computers. The kids install MSN and other chatrooms, Limewire and other rubbish, download files and songs from the internet and their friends, many times without their parents knowledge (they're usually at work). Spyware, malware and other nasties are then installed because of those actions.
I'm called out on numerous occasions to clean infections loaded that way. Of course I install all that is needed to avoid getting these infections, explain how these programs should be updated and run on a regular basis, but the parents are just too busy and the kids too blasé to follow those instructions, hence more infections spread to their and their mate's computers.
Not everyone is as clued-up as the users of this and other forums, so it's not difficult to see how someone can make a living and supply a service doing this sort of thing.

  Taff™ 06:02 26 Nov 2007

Like MAJ I have very similar experiences. Three of my mates with teenagers regularly drop their computer to me to clean up. I`m talking at least twice a year. I recommend Avast to most people and just over 12 months after installation I get a panic phone call - Antivirus has run out! I check the computer and Avast hasn`t been run since the day I installed it. Checking the antispyware programs reveals the same.

  Legslip 22:04 26 Nov 2007

....what decision to take. As has been stated some people have the necessary progs on their PC;s but never update 'em or run 'em. These would appear to be the 'free' programmes which are what I use and run regularly. The trouble with these is that in most cases they are passive and require the user to run them. So is the answer to buy active programmes that although cost a few bob, do save the user from both remembering to run 'em and also provide the required protection?

  Taff™ 08:15 27 Nov 2007

Then we hit the "Scheduling" problem. Lets say we buy one antivirus & a couple of antispyware programs which we schedule to update definitions and run each once a week. We decide to run each one on separate days arbitrarily at 6 pm. Here`s the scenario:

At start up each day each program checks with base that it`s definitions is up to date and this slows start up times. Assuming the user actually remembers to have the computer switched on at 6pm on the specified days, it slows to a crawl for an hour or more whilst the program runs. (Teenager stops the program because it slows down their surfing, music and Instant Messaging.)If the computer wasn`t switched on the program starts automatically at next boot up and compounds the original problem.

Teenagers also ignore results of scans and the messages to renew the licenses which appear every day for a month before they expire. Don`t inform their parents either.(Even remove the program so they don`t get them again)

Then realise that the removed spyware program hidden in their "trendy" browser toolbar renders it useless and downloads it again. Their screensaver has disappeared and the latest emoticons don`t work in IM any more. Download them again!

Cynical view? It actually happens.

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